PLASA 2011: Canford lines up wireless debuts

Wednesday, 27 July 2011
PLASA 2011: Canford lines up wireless debutsNew to PLASA and only just launched are Canford's ‘tour grade' CAT5 breakout boxes
UK - Canford is providing a PLASA debuts for the new 'enhanced' Tecpro Wireless handsets and TW403 wired to wireless interface, the new RTS BTR-240 wireless comms system, Cat 5e stageboxes and multicore cables in several lengths up to 75m and last but not least the EMO E810 LED racklight that interfaces with comms systems to flash, letting the operator know of a call inbound.

Canford will also show a selection from their comprehensive range of cables including the D'n'A series which redesigned all their most popular audio cables to handle both analogue and AES digital audio. Also being featured by Canford will be the latest products from Cloud and Databay.

The new enhanced Tecpro Wireless beltpacks offer full Duplex Operation and licence-free operation in the UHF frequency band. The powerful new handsets can supply up to 200mW with a 400m max Range and now benefit from a range of enhancements. New features include, push to talk mode, adjustable side tone, fast Channel change facility, selectable mic filter, PIN lockable feature locks off pages in the advanced menu.

The RTS BTR-240 system operates in the licence-free 2.4GHz frequency band and delivers full-duplex operation for up to eight beltpacks with an almost unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks. The system offers two separate audio channels allowing users to communicate on either or both channels. Talk and listen and listen-only modes are selectable on individual or both channels.

The BTR-240 wireless intercom system is suitable for stand-alone operation or can be directly interfaced to wired systems including RTS, Tecpro and Clearcom.

Also new to PLASA and only just launched are Canford's 'tour grade' CAT5 breakout boxes with four or eight way, Cat 5 connectivity and Cat 5 Multicore cables in four or eight way versions. Also just launched are Fibre Optic breakout boxes. Both types are intended for applications where a tough resilient solution is required.

The new EMO LED racklight will also appear at PLASA for the first time. The new unit differs from competitors in several crucial ways, not the least being that it interfaces with Tecpro and RTS comms systems to indicate when a call is in-bound.

The E810 racklight is a flush unit with no protruding catches or latches. It employs push to open and 'click shut' sliding rails and when closed automatically switches off the light and switches it on when opened again. The sliding rails enable the unit to be withdrawn to precisely the right point to permit the operator to see all or just a few of the rack mounted devices below.

Canford will also feature their D'n'A cable range launched at PLASA last year. The D'n'A cable range (Digital and Analogue) has been redesigned to provide a true 100ohm impedance making the cables suitablefor digital as well as analogue signals.

(Jim Evans)

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