PLASA 2012: Steinigke highlights COB LED technology

Tuesday, 24 July 2012
PLASA 2012: Steinigke highlights COB LED technology
UK - At PLASA 2012, Steinigke will highlight its COB LED technology. German trade journal Soundcheck recently tested some Eurolite spots with the new technology with "impressive results across the board". Single and multi spots were examined: PAR-56 and ML-30 as well as ML-56 models (each single-colored and with RGB), audience blinders, PMB (Performance Bar) and PMC (Performance Cluster).

The testers' special focus was put on the colour illustration and the colour mixture: "The colour mixture of the Eurolite COB spots is really excellent. Thanks to the minimal distance of the diodes in the cluster . . . colour shades are finally a thing of the past. All of the produced colours are extremely convincing - a fact that is also true for colour fields that have been critical up to now: orange, pastel and white."

The tester also had warm words for the practical use and the handling of the multi spots. The COB audience blinder even qualified as "a sensation". Besides the enormous brightness it has been the similarities to the look of the PAR role models which have been impressive as well, says the company.

(Claire Beeson)

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