PR Lighting on tour with Philip Kirkorov

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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Russia - Soviet and Russian pop singer, songwriter and producer, Philip Kirkorov, is using fixtures from PR Lighting to support his latest 60-date Eastern European DruGoy tour, designed to promote his new album.

Five time winner of the World Music Awards and with eight Ovation awards under his belt, Russia's most popular singer has been given a grandioise stage set - including huge screens, 3D-graphics, fireworks, computer and animated effects - and a dynamic lightshow designed by Boris Volkov.

FE Belimlight, the PR Lighting distributor for Belarus, was selected to provide the equipment for this tour, with the main fixtures including quantities of PR Lighting's XL 1500 Wash and XL 1500 Spots.

"With many dancers performing at the different stage levels, the XL 1500 Wash was the perfect choice to provide sufficient lighting to highlight the acts, while the XL 1500 profile helped add dynamic to the stage," said FE Belimlight's Ilya Piatrouski. "Correct selection of lighting equipment to fulfill the stage design is a key ingredient - not only for the show's success, but also the reputation of our company and that of the manufacturers."

One of the highlights has been the way in which the XL1500 Wash, which remains increasingly popular with FE Belimlight, has enabled Boris Volkov to flood the stage with superior, colour-saturated light, he added.

As for the show itself, reality and virtuality seem to be interconnercted as Kirkorov immserses himself in the dyamic to become part of the screen and light show action - so that the person and the picture seem to be interchanging.

(Jim Evans)

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