Proel Group stages first Middle East conference

Tuesday, 21 December 2010
Proel Group stages first Middle East conferenceDelegates at the first Proel Middle East Conference
UAE - To support its strategy of expansion in the Middle East market, Proel Group organised the first Proel Middle East Conference at the Novotel World Trade Centre in Dubai, a three-day event devoted to Middle Eastern markets. The conference also hosted professionals from the Northern African countries, such as Morocco and Egypt.

Fabrizio Sorbi, president of Proel Group, took part in the event together with Massimo Signor, Proel's managing director, and Simon Sinclair, business development director. Sorbi stressed how strategically important these emerging markets are for Proel. He went on to explain what the Group's strengths are - the R&D department, logistics, and the investments in the new management system that will "lead to an even greater general efficiency in the future".

The event hosted several specific product sessions, divided by line and brand, during which the latest Proel products were discussed, with an emphasis on technical issues and application areas. Sound Systems, Stage Equipment, AVL, DH and Sagitter were all featured. Turbosound, another company in the Group, sent its management team to introduce the latest products and to further consolidate its presence in the area.

The event was also an occasion to share information and market considerations. Of particular importance, for example, was the participation of Mr. Magdy el Bouhy, sales manager of Adawliah Saudia Arabia, an active distributor of many Proel lines and brands that received an award for the bests results in the Middle East region in 2009-2010.

"In its first edition, the Proel Middle East Conference was extremely successful," reports Hasna Nadhi, Proel's area manager - First of all, it is important to note the high level of interest that the event received, considering that every one of our distributors in the region participated - from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, The UAE, and Oman. We were struck by the high level of professional interest shown by the participants regarding Proel in general and, in particular, the technical aspects of certain products.

"There were also many questions about Proel's plans for development in these countries. Fabrizio Sorbi responded to these, outlining the commitment of the Group to the concept of partnership and sharing assured business perspectives. At the end, everyone departed quite satisfied, and looking forward to the next edition of the Proel Middle East Conference."

(Jim Evans)

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