Dubai event venue invests in DPA

Tuesday, 6 March 2012
Dubai event venue invests in DPAThe DPA 4099Vs with sound engineer Reddy of DWTC
UAE - Melody House, distributors of DPA microphones, have recently supplied a range of the 4099V microphones to the Event Services division at the Dubai International Exhibition and Conference Centre. The division, which provides various audio, video and lighting services to clients at the centre, has invested in the microphones to support their various entertainment events

"With the violin mount included with the 4099V, the DIECC have purchased the best violin microphone in the market however by just adding any of the other available mounts, the same microphone can be used for numerous other applications making it a great return on investment," commented Amrith Verghese, DPA product specialist at Melody House.

(Jim Evans)

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