PLASA 2012: Laserworld launches Pure Micro Series

Thursday, 26 July 2012
PLASA 2012: Laserworld launches Pure Micro SeriesLaserworld's Pure Micro
UK - Laserworld will launch the new Pure Micro Series, a compact laser system that eliminates the need for 'truck loads of equipment for one single laser system': With a size of 18,6x16,5x12,5cm these units are very small yet 'extremely strong'.

Up to 2.3W RGB, 6W green and 10W blue can be supplied in this new system, together with an accurate 50kpps Xscan galvos, making the unit ideal for beam shows, graphics and advertisement applications.

"Of course it is possible to extend even the possibilities by upgrading the units to CT-6210HP scanners for high professional use. Professionals also like the option to individually balance every single color by trim pots on the rear side of the projector. Also scanning size can be adjusted that way.

High precision is decisive for proper graphics scanning, but also for better beam visibility. That's why the PM-1300RGB and the PM-1800RGB come with special beam shaping optics and collimation to ensure incredibly good visibility and accuracy," says the company.

(Claire Beeson)

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