Ayrton MiniPanel-FX makes European debut
Tuesday, 15 May 2018
minipanel-fxMiniPanel-FX was exhibited for the first time in Europe at Prolight+Sound 2018
Europe - Ayrton’s ultra-compact MiniPanelFX unit was exhibited for the first time in mainland Europe at Prolight+Sound 2018 last month.
First launched at PLASA 2017 in London, MiniPanel-FX is a diminutive version of the MagicPanel-FX, and the first Ayrton product to undergo a miniaturisation process. This multi-function luminaire may be small in dimensions but it is mighty in output, with a zoom spread of 3.6° to 53°.
MiniPanel-FX is fitted with four of Ayrton’s 65mm square lenses arranged in a neat 2 x 2 configuration to form an extremely powerful beam and wash light with immense creative possibilities. Its four 35W RGBW multi-chip LED emitters are paired with a high-efficiency optical system to deliver up to 2,400 lumens from only 200W power consumption. Sophisticated 4-colour mixing and high CRI readings gives “an incredible range of colours from pastels and saturated colours to most white colour temperatures”.
“MiniPanel-FX is small enough to form custom arrays as well as populate standard rig positions,” says Ayrton’s global sales director, Michael Althaus. “This lends a totally new dynamic to the lighting designers’ palette who can add this physical advantage to the aesthetics lent by MiniPanel-FX smooth colour blending capabilities and pin-sharp movement. MiniPanel-FX made an instant impact on its release in September and been in increasing demand ever since as designers discover new ways to use it.”
(Jim Evans)

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