lapotato1L-Acoustics reinforces Potato’s Magic Hours
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Thailand - Since their debut album in 2001, Potato have steadily grown to become one of the most admired Thai rock bands, attracting a strong following among teenagers in South East Asia.
Their latest two Potato Magic Hours concerts were a testament to their popularity, with thousands of fans coming together to enjoy the band’s performances at the Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, with an L-Acoustics K1/K2 system helping to bring the magic to life and ‘kick out the jams’ at the second largest exhibition and convention venue in Asia.
For Potato Magic Hours, Thai AV rental partner MediaVision (1994) Co was chosen to deploy the PA system. The venue presented the team with challenges from the outset.
“Even though the venue is very popular with concerts and live shows, the acoustics were our major concern,” says MediaVision chief system engineer Prasobporn ‘A’ Sornkrasin. “Deep retractable seats produced long diffusion on low frequencies, whilst a full ring of VIP rooms with glass panels causes major mid frequency reflections.”
L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustical modelling software was used to ensure the system would provide uniform coverage throughout the entire venue. The final design comprised two hangs of 14 K1 with three K2 and two K1SB stage left and right, with additional 16 KS28 subs ground stacked per side.
Out-fill was catered for with two hangs of 12 K2, with front-fills of six Kara spaced evenly along the curve of the stage lip. The entire system was powered using 36 of LA12X amplified controlle

eventbrite-ir35-brexit-banner-lsiIR35 industry event in London this week
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

UK -There is limited time to secure your place at a free industry event dedicated to the changes to the off-payroll working rules (known as IR35).
Co-hosted by PLASA and the MIA, Get your business ready for IR35 is taking place this Thursday, 30 January, at the Victory Services Club in London.
The event is relevant to large business owners and freelancers / contractors alike and will see HR expert Nicky Gleadow (MD, The HR Point) explain how the changes to the IR35 legislation will impact employers and off-payroll workers. There will also be complimentary food alongside plenty of networking time with fellow professionals, says PLASA.
IR35 is a piece of UK government legislation that aims to determine whether a worker is an employee or an off-payroll contractor, ensuring that the person carrying out the work is paid and protected in the proper manner and pays the relevant tax. The changes to IR35, which are enforced on 6 April, mean that all medium and large companies will be responsible for deciding the employment status of their workers.
To register to attend Get your business ready for IR35, please visit

nyetour2Maverick Profiles light Hamilton Florida dates
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

USA - Fans, who turned out for Anthony Hamilton’s three-date Florida swing in late December, finished 2019 with a bang. In addition to seeing the Grammy-winning R&B artist perform his hits, they got to enjoy a stellar cast of supporting artists, featuring Ja Rule, K Michelle and Joe.
Each act was supported by a punchy Josh Lawson lightshow that delivered its searing visuals with help from six Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Profile fixtures supplied by Apogee Productions of Longwood, Florida.
“I approached each act differently as Ja Rule is classic hard-hitting rap, Joe is a more laid-back version of R&B, and K Michelle is an artist who tells a lot of stories of her past relationships,” says Lawson. “Since the three stops made in Florida were at arenas, it gave me more stage space to play with than I have at my normal club shows. I took advantage of this, by working with different light angles, backlighting and colour combinations to reflect the individual style of each artist on stage.
“Early in the show, I used a solid colour wash with a follow spot, and then transitioned to more colour as the night progressed,” continues Lawson. “When I do multiple acts I like to build on them and make the looks more complex as the night progresses.”
Flown at evenly spaced intervals on upstage truss, the Maverick MK2 Profile fixtures filled a variety of roles in the flexible design, serving as general stage washes, in addition to being used for spot lighting, specials, backlighting, and audience washing.
“The shutter blad

green-hippoHippotizer Boreal+ powers iHeart Radio Vegas
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

USA - The ninth annual iHeart Radio Music Festival landed in the Nevada desert with stars including Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Green Day. The event, held at the T-Mobile arena, was broadcast live on FOX, complete with energetic sets and an array of musical talent. Green Hippo was at the iHeart of all things visual, with Boreal+ Media Servers powering pre-made content.
Jason Rudolph was at the helm as screens producer, using the in-built Hippotizer toolkit to manipulate content to fit each artist’s performance, in front of two ‘SuperWall’ LED screens, one on each side of the stage.
“We used four Boreal+ servers, as two redundant systems - an A and a B system for the A and B screens,” explains Rudolph. “Each main server was doing four outputs to drive all the content for the show. Everything feeds into two linked E2 frames to get onto the screen and allow for switching to backups, and also to accommodate any guests that show up with their own systems.”
The content was mostly produced by the various artists’ design teams, and the impressive line-up presented a challenge for Rudolph with so much video to deal with.
“Often, acts will show up with their tour content, which we need to adjust to fit our screens, and this is one place where all of the handles we have available in Hippotizer really help us to pull this show off,” Rudolph continues. “The content management capabilities in Hippotizer are one of the main reasons we use it on this show. We can be loading content onto multiple servers while rehearsals are going on w

clfposeidonperspectiveCLF launches Poseidon outdoor beam fixture
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

The Netherlands - CLF Lighting has launched CLF Poseidon, a powerful outdoor beam fixture that has been developed for smooth CMY colour mixing.
Based on the successful CLF Aorun, Poseidon comes with a fast and accurate feature set including a double prism, gobo wheel, animation section and frost. The 190mm wide lens and optics allow big mid-air effects with a bright and punchy beam, delivered by a 400W light source. Colours can be mixed smoothly by using the CMY wheels and a fixed colour wheel is also available.
The IP65-rated housing is equipped with specially designed motors enabling fast pan and tilt movements. A bright O-LED screen offers easy access to on-board settings, even in bright environments.
(Jim Evans)

powersoftISE: Powersoft to mark 25th anniversary
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

The Netherlands - Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft will celebrate its 25th year in business at the upcoming ISE 2020.
Over the course of its history, Powersoft has been credited with a number of technological innovations and industry firsts. Just a year into its life, in 1996, the company had already mastered designing and developing the then first commercially-viable Class D amplifier, which was able to deliver consistently reliable, high-power levels. This technological breakthrough on switch mode amplification also helped the company earn a coveted reputation on green power and efficiency, making it Powersoft’s trademark to this day.
In the intervening years, the company continued to push the envelope, always conscious of making consistent, efficient, and intuitive products. This resulted in a number of new products and technologies that have since become industry standards, such as the X Series workhorse and the Ottocanali Series, which boasted advanced signal processing and full Dante by Audinate compatibility, or breakaway innovations such as M-Force, Deva or Mover.
Building on the successful launch of Mover at ISE 2019, this year Powersoft will showcase the capabilities of its latest products in real-life applications. On stand 7-Y195, the company will demonstrate its line of fixed install products, including Mover, Mezzo, the Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali lines of FI amplifiers. Meanwhile, Powersoft’s second stand (7-X205) will be an experiential zone split in two areas: hospitality and meeting room.
The hospital

you-stupid-darkness-ali-wrightWhite Light brightens You Stupid Darkness!
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

UK - White Light has supplied the lighting for You Stupid Darkness!, which recently opened at the Southwark Playhouse in London.
Presented by Paines Plough and Theatre Royal Plymouth, You Stupid Darkness! is a new play set within the Brightline Call Centre. It focusses on four colleagues who try to keep their lives together whilst the outside world falls apart.
The lighting designer on the show is Peter Small, who comments: “My brief for this production was that it shouldn’t feel ‘lit’; meaning I wanted it to feel as natural as possible to the audience. The concept was that you had sort of peeled the wall off this strange office and were peering in from a dark place, somewhat ‘fly on the wall’. This concept meant working closely with set designer Amy Jane Cook and adding in masking which would allow me to drop the rig very low and hide it away from the audience. As this was a dystopian piece, I also had to have a rig that would allow for bursts of surrealism, alongside the hyperrealism.”
And whilst the show is dealing with large issues, the production itself was all about the smaller details. Peter explains: “The set is the same location throughout and also very naturalistic. Therefore a lot of my lighting had to showcase a passage in time, as this was often the only indication in between scenes. I did this by varying the background from return to return; sometimes the computer was on, sometimes the lamps were on and off, sometimes someone left the main light off but forgot to turn the kitchen light off etc. The show al

tony-sawyerTony Sawyer joins Generation AV
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Singapore - Generation AV, which represents Martin Audio in the APAC countries, has recruited Tony Sawyer as senior APAC applications manager. A significant addition to the team, Sawyer spent 11 years at Bosch Communications/Electro-Voice/Dynacord, and was most recently at Vue Audiotechnik in Manila.
Generation AV founder David McKinney, who has known Sawyer for 20 years, sees the appointment as a major boost to the company’s growth. “We started talks a few months ago and decided now was the right time to get him onboard,” explains McKinney.
Based in the Philippines, Sawyer’s role is to work closely with all distributors in Asia Pacific, providing project design support, training on new and existing products, supporting major touring events and carrying out product/system training across the region. He will focus on bringing Martin Audio factory training events to the Asia Pacific region, starting with Wavefront Precision series.
“In addition, having Tony in the region will enable us as a team to build stronger relationships with major rental companies and key AV Consultants,” adds McKinney. “As we continue to expand the Generation AV team in Asia Pacific, we expect to announce further additions later in 2020. I believe we are now better positioned to support our partners and customers in Asia Pacific, and with all the new products and technologies being released by Martin Audio. I am excited to see what 2020 holds.”
(Jim Evans)

ally-pallyGLP X4 Bar 20s back AJ Tracey at Ally Pally
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

UK - Lighting designer James Scott specified 96 impression X4 Bar 20 battens from GLP when London-based rapper / producer AJ Tracey played two shows at Alexandra Palace recently.
The gigs were the culmination of a long year in which Scott, director of multi-disciplinary creative design studio Suluko, had been an essential part of the artist’s creative team, headed by Tawbox. AJ Tracey toured first the UK Academy circuit followed by the festival season, with a simple floor package.
Lighting inventory for the tour had been supplied by Siyan but when it came to the Ally Pally shows production manager Joel Stanley awarded the project to Neg Earth.
The creative for the show was devised by Tawbox, who designed the screen layout and the concept of AJ performing in the round. “This was a specific show design for Ally Pally,” explains Scott. “The concept of the show was in connection with the historical broadcast nature of Alexandra Palace, which ties in with AJ Tracey’s iconic tag line of ‘AJ Tracey . . . Live & Direct’.”
The X4 Bars had formed an essential part of his rig and were specified to fulfil a specific purpose. “I needed a batten fixture that was capable of multi cell control and that was also zoomable,” he says.
“They had a very noticeable role in this design; they were positioned in a square layout to delineate the edge of the 350mm deep square stage and then mirrored in the air to echo the shape of the video box.” Scott adds that he always runs the X4 Bars in Single Pixel High Resolution Mode (89-channel)

george-moorey-pianino-sampling-43-web-830x553iD14 records history in 12th-century church
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

UK - Music producer George Moorey likes to weave a little historical magic into his recordings, by taking his mobile setup - which now includes an Audient iD14 audio interface - into some of the ancient buildings of his adopted home. Capturing the spirit of the city in the form of samples, he showcases them in a surprising variety of genres including choral, classical, folk, hip-hop, electronica, grime and rock.
His most recent project is a prolific songwriting collaboration with fellow musician and lyricist, Shane Young, called The Powdered Earth. The first single Hold Your Breath is released on 31 January and incorporates piano samples he’s been recording all around the city.
Moorey says: “Piano is crucial to the sound of The Powdered Earth. The parts are simple and repetitive, so I record them as MIDI using a master keyboard and a DAW. This makes it easier to edit and change the songs as they are developed. Using MIDI also means we can replace all the sounds, so I am collecting piano samples at every opportunity.”
One of his favourite haunts is the 12th Century St Nicholas church, where he keeps his upright Opus pianino that he describes as “a little beauty.” He explains: “I use an Audient iD14. It’s perfect for the task. Two quality pre-amps and converters, and easy to use physical controls and software interface.” Fitting everything he needs into one bag, he’s all set for stereo recording and overdubbing on location.
Having recorded in a number of ancient Gloucester

niavacproms-5kcNiavac’s Rivage mixes Peace Proms tour
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

UK - Established over 60 years ago, Belfast-based Niavac has grown steadily to become one of Northern Ireland’s most successful systems integrators, covering the corporate, healthcare, hospitality and education sectors. The acquisition of audio company Loft Sound in 2016 expanded Niavac’s portfolio into the live event industry, a business which is proving every bit as successful.
The company has invested in a Yamaha Rivage PM7 digital mixing system to continue its commitment to high quality service and it has already been out on tour.
“We used Yamaha digital mixers from the beginning,” says Loft Sound’s Steve Corr, who became Niavac events manager at the time of the acquisition. “Our first mixer was an LS9 and our inventory went on to include M7CL, PM5D, all three CL series mixers and smaller analogue boards for conference work.”
He continues: “We looked at a number of options and Rivage PM7 was the obvious choice. All of our engineers - indeed most engineers - are familiar with the Yamaha control surface, so the PM7 was also the easiest transition up to a premium mixing system. The sheer amount of buses and the way they can be used, the sound quality, the amount of EQs, the Premium Rack and the way that we can insert effects and send them any way we want were also huge points in its favour.”
One of Steve’s biggest challenges is mixing an annual tour with the Cross Border Orchestra Ireland (CBOI), a not-for-profit orchestra for 12-24 year olds which provides performance opportunities and high quality musical training. The a

wscramseytheatre1Wayne State College upgrades with Danley
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

USA - Wayne State College is a mid-sized public school in rural Wayne, Nebraska. The college’s theatre arts degree programme provides its students with three performance venues housed in the Lied Performing Arts Centre.
At 675 seats, the Ramsey Theatre is the largest of the three, but until recently, the quality of its sound reinforcement system was not commensurate with the quality of the programme. Local AV integration company Adams Production Services recently designed and installed a Danley Sound Labs system that delivers “vastly superior intelligibility and impact at a fraction of the former system’s size”.
“Last year, I updated the PA system in Wayne State College’s gymnasium with six Danley OS80 loudspeakers, and they loved the improvement,” explains Brian Adams, owner of Adams Production Services. “They showed me the system in the Ramsey Theatre, which had recently suffered the failure of its main DSP. They replaced it, but it really called their attention to how bad the entire system sounded. It was comprised of fourteen 90s-era open horns and subwoofer boxes, along with several fills and a ton of amps and amp channels. They were way past due for an entire system overhaul.”
Adams designed a simple Danley system for the Ramsey Theatre. “It comes back to the basic principles of good sound reinforcement design,” he says. “For the same coverage, fewer boxes are always better than more boxes because that minimizes the opportunities for interference and comb filtering. Danley produces a wide range of point-source loudspea

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Council Strategy - Arts Council England has unveiled the strategy that will guide its work over the next decade, aiming to address what it says are “momentous” sector-wide challenges that include inequality of opportunity and a widespread lack of diversity. There is particular emphasis on communities and young people in the document, published this week, which lists the Arts Council’s priorities for its work and the organisations it will fund between now and 2030.
Entitled Let’s Create, its contents are broadly similar to the draft document published by the Arts Council last year. It is based around a vision that by 2030, England will be a country “transformed by its culture” and “in which the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish”.
No Show - Madonna pulled out of the first London show of her Madame X tour, sparking calls for the singer to cancel the entire run. The 61-year-old was due to perform the first of 15 shows on Monday at the London Palladium but said she "must always listen to my body and put my health first". In an Instagram post, she wrote: "I am deeply sorry that I have to cancel my concert scheduled for Monday in London. Under doctors guidance I have been told to rest for a few days.” Last week, the singer cancelled a show in Lisbon, Portugal. The next show is due to go ahead at the London Palladium on 29 January.
Kobe Tribute - The 2020 Grammys ceremony opened with a tribute to basketball player Kobe Bryant, who died on Sunday. "Tonight is for you Kobe," declared Liz

cuktukansteamCUK Audio acquires Tukans
Monday, 27 January 2020

UK - AV solutions distributor Tukans has been acquired by CUK Audio, a specialist solutions distributor serving the AV, installation, live and MI markets.
Tukans will continue to operate as an independent company from its base in York, whilst logistics, accounting and IT for the group will be consolidated at CUK Audio’s East Kilbride headquarters. The operational change will enable the best use of resources throughout the group and enable both teams to better support their client base.
Stuart Thomson, managing director, CUK Audio, comments: “A few years ago, as CUK Audio started its transition into supplying video products, I realised that Tukans would be a great fit with us, and I’m are delighted that Yvonne [Womersley] and Andrew [Popely] shared my vision and could see how this acquisition would benefit both companies.
“The acquisition substantially enhances the group’s expertise and expands the solutions both companies can offer their clients. It also reinforces CUK Audio’s commitment to those customers looking for innovative video products, following the recent addition of video specialist, Andrew Smith, to the role of director of business development.”
Yvonne Womersley, general manager at Tukans, adds: “For Andrew Popely and I, the last 14 years have been great fun, and we are both proud of what we have created. However, we are delighted to be joining CUK Audio for the next phase of our journey. Gaining access to a much larger sales and technical resource will certainly benefit Tukans customers and suppliers. There is a we

fire-aidIndustry backs ALIA auction for FireAid
Monday, 27 January 2020

Australia - The Australasian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) has abandoned plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary, opting instead to raise money for the Australian people and wildlife affected by the recent bushfires.
ALIA has set up the ALIA FireAid Auction, an online auction where gear donated by lighting solutions manufacturers from across the globe will be auctioned online. All money raised will benefit the Australian Red Cross and the RSPCA’s National Bushfire Appeal. Bidding is only open to Australian residents due to shipping costs.
“A big thanks must also go to the Australian distributors who are tasked with getting the gear to the buyer. It couldn’t have been done without them,” says ALIA.
The association is still accepting equipment donations to add to the auction - manufacturers who wish to contribute should contact ALIA directly.
Companies who have donated so far include ACME, ADJ, ArKaos, Artistic Licence, Avolites, Capture, Chauvet DJ, Clearlight Shows, Creative Lighting, Design Quintessence, Elation Professional, Event Lighting, FireFly Lighting, GLP, Griven, High End Systems, LightShark, LSC Lighting, LumenRadio, Martin, Phantos, Pharos, Robe, Show Technology, Smoke Factory, Theatre Safe Australia, TMB, Touring Industries, Wireless Solutions and Zero 88.
(Jim Evans)

icc-walesStage Electrics brings the ICCW to life
Monday, 27 January 2020

UK - The International Convention Centre Wales (ICC Wales) is a joint venture partnership between the Welsh Government and Celtic Manor Resort. The centre provides 26,000sq.m of floor space for up to 5,000 delegates, which includes an auditorium with tiered seating for 1,500, a 4,000sq.m pillar-free space that can be divided into six sections creating up to 25 different configurations, and an additional 15 flexible meeting rooms.
Architecturally, it is a refreshing departure from standard conference centre fare, with a triple height atrium at its entrance and a light and airy feel throughout. It has been designed to engender a feeling of well-being, and many of its spaces have impressive views out across the adjoining woodland.
This open, progressive approach has also been applied to the centre’s AV design integration, and installation processes, which gave technical contractor Stage Electrics a level of freedom and collaborative input that has paid dividends for the resulting infrastructure and has made best use of an exacting budget.
Stage Electrics was responsible for installing integrated lighting control throughout the venue, plus PA, voice alarm, production lighting and associated infrastructure - including a Dante AoIP network - for all meeting rooms and public spaces. The company also worked with the client to manage stage engineering and equipment suppliers, technical budgets, and eventually helping to hire technical staff for the venue.
The Stage Electrics team included chief engineer Simon Cooper, who held principal responsibili

martinMartin ERA 400 Performance launches in London
Monday, 27 January 2020

UK - Sound Technology, the distributor of Martin by Harman in the UK, is holding a Martin ERA Performance showcase event at the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden on 17 February.
The event will run from 11am to 4pm and will see the complete ERA Performance range on demo.
Sound Technology has also announced the immediate shipping of the Martin ERA 400 Performance CLD. The ERA 400 is the first of the ERA Performance series, announced at LDI in November, to become available, with the remainder of range which consists of the warm white version of the ERA 400, the ERA 600 Performance and ERA 800 Performance - the brightest moving profile fixture in Martin's history - arriving in February.
The 10,000lm ERA 400 Performance CLD features a 300W 6,500K LED light engine, and in common with the entire ERA Performance range, has crisp optics with a flat field, CMY colour mixing, a full curtain framing system, fixed and rotating gobo wheels loaded with user-favourite gobos from the renowned MAC range, iris, prism and frost filter. Weighing just 20kg, the ERA 400 Performance is lightweight, compact and easy to rig.
Whether being used for small and mid-sized concert and touring, live TV productions, corporate shows, cruise line or houses of worship, the Martin ERA 400 Performance CLD is suitable for a long list of scenarios, requiring a versatile LED profile.
(Jim Evans)

soundscapeSting sails into LA with d&b Soundscape
Monday, 27 January 2020

USA - This week at Los Angeles’ Ahmanson Theatre, Sting takes centre stage to bring his musical, The Last Ship, to the West Coast deploying a d&b Soundscape immersive sound system. The show tells the story of two childhood sweethearts set to the backdrop of the collapse of the shipbuilding industry and features an original Tony-nominated score with music and lyrics by Sting, who will also perform for the month-long duration of the show’s LA residency.
Providing the sound experience to create the various scenes and acoustic moods for the performance is a system designed by Sebastian Frost and supplied by Stage Sound Services. It continues to utilise d&b En-Scene object-based mixing and En-Space room emulation software running on the DS100 system processor and a comprehensive d&b A-Series loudspeaker system.
Frost has been associated with the production’s latest iteration since 2017. His work deploying Soundscape with En Scene and En Space and harnessing it with his vision of how the musical should be experienced has delivered an emotional experience that resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level.
Previous productions of The Last Ship, in Canada and on tour in the UK, have used a large number of distributed point source loudspeakers across the theatre. For the Ahmanson Theatre main system, seven hangs of A-Series augmented array loudspeakers were deployed.
“The biggest transformation for this set of shows is the use of the new A-Series. It provides us with lots of power and it took far less time to configure

green-hippo-trainingDWR to host Green Hippo training
Monday, 27 January 2020

South Africa - DWR will host Hippotizer training and workshop on 17 and 18 March in Johannesburg.
Hosted by Dylan Jones, the course will cover a range of topics including Hippolauncher, Output Manager, Media Manager, Visualizer, Pinbridge, Multi-Controller, DMX control, Timeline, Videomapper, Pixelmapper and Shape. 
Attendees are requested to bring a Green Hippo Server or Play Software on PC, Server Accessories and a valid ID.
The course will be held at DWR, C1, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew. The cost is R1,800 and includes a light lunch and refreshments. To book, please visit this website.

act-tls-ae-tmbESTA announces Members Choice Awards
Monday, 27 January 2020

USA - Winners of the ESTA’s Members Choice Awards 2020 were announced on 19 January at the Design Studio stand during the NAMM Show.
The annual awards see ESTA member exhibitors nominate new products and ESTA member attendees voting via an electronic ballot to determine the winners across two categories - Gadget and Equipment.
The winner for the Gadget category is The Light Source for The Mega-Coupler Grounder. In The Equipment category, there was a four-way tie. The winners are: ACT Lighting for the Ayrton Diablo, Applied Electronics for Video Wall Truss, The Light Source for The Gym Light Cage, and TMB for the ProPlex FOH Friend.
(Jim Evans)

robe-lol-world-championship-finals-parisRobe helps deliver spectacular LOL ceremony
Monday, 27 January 2020

France - Creative lighting artist / designer LeRoy Bennett utilised 91 Robe BMFL WashBeam high powered moving lights - nine working in conjunction with RoboSpot remote operation systems - to help deliver the opening ceremony (OC) complete with holographic projection effects, for the of the Riot Games’ 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals, staged at the Accor Arena in Paris.
Roy collaborated closely with the creative team from Riot Games and Possible Productions who briefed him on the look and style of lighting that they wanted to achieve for the in-the-round OC show. It energised an arena packed with eSports fans ready for a thrilling seat-edge final.
Drawing on his previous experience of working with Kaleida Holonet screens, projection and multi-layered imagery shows, Roy knew he needed mega-bright moving lights with super-accurate shutters - and the BMFL WashBeam was his fixture of choice.
The lights for the OC and the overall LOL World Championship Final events, were supplied by UK based rental company TSL working for production company ConCom Inc.
The OC choreography covered a wide area, so precise key lighting was essential to delivering the show’s aesthetic and narrative which involved creating a series of game-related environments and effects that interacted with the artists and dancers onstage.
A number of pre-set positions had to be lit and artists had to be lit as they moved between these.
Roy described lighting the event as “a bit like performing surgery – critical base timing, acute attention to det

ovation-cyc-1fcChauvet introduces Ovation CYC 1 FC
Monday, 27 January 2020

USA - Chauvet Professional has released the Ovation CYC 1 FC.
Debuted at LDI 2019, the fixture can be positioned unobtrusively on the stage and in the broadcast studio. With an illuminance of 173lx at 5m, the CYC 1 FC ensures a wide, smooth coverage area, often allowing larger backdrops to be fully illuminated only from the ground, without the need for downlighting. Since its light source is so near the ground, it can wash backdrops without dark dead areas at the lower end.
The CYC 1 FC can also a foot light, fill light and side light in a wide variety of applications. When the fixture serves as a foot light, its in built shutter can serve as a glare shield, in addition to being used to adjust the light’s throw. An integrated kick stand adds to the fixture’s versatility.
Drawing on Ovation’s award-winning RGBAL colour-mixing technology, the CYC 1 FC produces virtually any hue with the utmost realism and saturation. A virtual colour wheel in the unit matches popular gel colours and colour temperature pre-sets. The fixture also features 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colours.
The adjustable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) feature in the fixture ensures that its flat, even field of light is never disturbed by flickering on camera. This attribute, together with its silent, convection-cooled operation, makes the CYC 1 FC suited for broadcast applications.
“We have always pushed the envelope with new concepts in our Ovation products,”comments Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “With the CYC 1 FC, we feel we have done

alcons-audioSeoul church chooses Alcons audio solution
Monday, 27 January 2020

South Korea - In common with many older houses of worship, modern expectations have meant that the audio quality of sermons in the 1936-built Changsin Church in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea was no longer good enough. A replacement sound reinforcement system was needed and, after a direct comparison with systems from other major manufacturers, an Alcons Audio LR14 pro-ribbon system was chosen by the church.
The church formed a committee which appointed Jang Young-wook, a church sound engineer and executive director of the Korean Church Acoustics Association, as the project consultant. He contacted the representatives of eight leading audio system manufacturers and asked them to participate in a briefing to be held at the church.
The companies included audio contractor Sky Sound, based in the city of Daegu, which had previously worked with Alcons Audio’s South Korean distributor Corelab on the project to install an Alcons pro-ribbon LR14 ultra-compact line-array system in The Gyeongsan Central Church, in Gyeongsan City. Sky Sound also owns an Alcons LR18 compact mid-size line array system in its rental inventory for live events.
The representatives of all eight brands attended the site briefing, which included details of the acoustics and the Church’s requirements, and all were asked to suggest a solution based on an identical budget. Sky Sound CEO Park Sang-hyun and Corelab’s Baek Seung-hoon had worked together on the Gyeongsan Central Church installation, so it was obvious for them to work together on this project.
As well

netronObsidian Netron line-up now shipping
Monday, 27 January 2020

USA - Obsidian Control Systems’ complete line-up of Netron data distribution products is now in stock and ready to ship from the company’s US and European warehouses.
Netron is a comprehensive range of DMX splitters and ethernet to DMX gateways, supporting applications from live production and venue installations to architectural environments. All Netron products can be configured through either the internal OLED screen and encoder, or the integrated web menu system, which works from PC, Mac and any mobile device.
The Netron range offers three Ethernet to DMX gateways and three RDM splitters.
The EN12 is a powerful, high-density Ethernet to DMX gateway with 12 RDM compatible ports. The EN4 is a powerful Ethernet to DMX gateway with four RDM-compatible ports. Designed for live production and installations with a rugged housing and high-performance processing, it offers flexible rack, truss, wall or DIN-Rail mounting options to cover any situation.
The EP4 is a compact Ethernet to DMX gateway with four RDM compatible ports. It is configurable via its internal web remote and powered over ethernet or via the USB-C connection.
Three variants of RDM splitter round out the range: RDM 6XL, RDM 645 and RDM 10.
(Jim Evans)


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