metaverse-solutions-division-for-filmdisguise launches Metaverse Solutions division
Friday, 27 May 2022

UK - disguise has launched its Metaverse Solutions division to continue development of live, virtual production and audiovisual location-based experiences for the metaverse.
While the metaverse is already defined as an $8 trillion dollar opportunity by Goldman Sachs, companies are still finding it challenging to navigate the technical elements needed to start building metaverse experiences.
disguise says its Metaverse Solutions will build on already existing disguise solutions that empower live events, audiovisual, location-based experiences and virtual production content in order to allow businesses to start taking advantage of the unique opportunities the metaverse has to offer.
Launched within the past two years, disguise’s extended reality (xR) workflow has powered over 600 productions in over 50 countries. These include the delivery of live events in the metaverse, such as Kaskade’s in Fortnite and Rocket League as part of its Llama-Rama event series as well as supporting launches for major brands like Gucci and Ferrari.
“Our mission is to help create experiences that challenge expectations. We believe in connecting the physical with the virtual worlds, to create Gateways to the Metaverse,” says disguise CEO Fernando Küfer. “Through this we will enable a world that fulfils essential human needs: to connect, to collaborate and to be included. The promise of the Metaverse is to unleash a new wave of opportunities for every kind of creator, including partners, brands, and performers alike.
“We have always focused on simp

robe-richelieu-musketeer-at-puy-de-fou-park-france-3-william-jezequelRobe Fortes for Puy de Fou flagship show
Friday, 27 May 2022

France - Twenty of Robe’s Forte moving lights are a key feature of a new lighting design by Maxime Chotard for Mousquetaire de Richelieu (Richelieu’s Musketeer), one of the flagship shows at Puy du Fou, a historical theme park in Les Epesses in the Pays de la Loire region of Western France.
These have now been joined by 22 x Robe Esprites which were chosen as a complement to Robe’s highest-powered LED moving light.
The show, staged in Le Grand Carrousel Hall, a 6,000sq.m equestrian theatre with seating for 3000, combines sword fights, poetic tirades, equestrian prowess, costumes, moving sets and spectacular special effects that immerse visitors in a swashbuckling mid-17th century tale that unfolds on a massive purpose-built stage. The 74m wide by 45m deep performance space is equipped with - among other things - the world’s largest stage curtain.
Maxime, who is site-wide head of lighting responsible for the whole park, recently oversaw a substantial lighting upgrade designed to bring a new “visual coherence” to the performance and to enable transition to more energy efficient light sources over the next three years, simultaneously reducing the show’s long-term operating costs and maintenance.
Maxime’s first criteria for adding any new lighting fixtures was that they must be high powered as well as an LED luminaire.
Since the first performance of Mousquetaire de Richelieu in 2006, the show has undergone numerous technical changes and lighting alterations, without ever being completely redesigned.

foundersNaostage launches beaconless 3D tracking solution
Friday, 27 May 2022

France - Naostage, an engineering-led startup, has launched an automatic beaconless 3D tracking solution, making it easy for AVL rental-staging and fixed-install professionals to create immersive, interactive live experiences.
Designed and engineered at the company’s headquarters in Nantes, Naostage’s tracking solution seamlessly identifies and follows artists, performers and visitors wherever they are in a defined tracking area - allowing for the automation of an array of lighting, audio, video and media effects in real time.
“From outdoor festivals to touring shows, visitor attractions, immersive experiences and more, Naostage’s 100% automated solution streamlines and simplifies tracking workflow wherever it is deployed,” explains Paul Cales, Naostage founder and CEO, “helping artists, show designers and technical teams to improve productivity and reduce their costs while further elevating the live experience for fans and visitors.”
The potential applications for this one-of-a-kind technology are limited only by the imagination of the user, say the founders. Not only can Naostage help with staging automation for concerts, tours and festivals, but it can also help create a fully automated show in a museum or an entertainment venue where AVL actions could be triggered by a visitor entering the room. A cruise ship could also embark on multi-week journey with a fully automated show, simplifying pre-production and reducing costs across the board.
The product of four years of research and development, the Naostage ecosystem is bac

tesla-cyber-rodeophotocredit-jorg-photoChauvet reflects Tesla Cyber Rodeo spirit
Friday, 27 May 2022

USA - Tesla vehicles recently served as the centrepiece of a colourful light and sound ‘rodeo’ show.
It was all part of Cyber Rodeo, a signature event for 15,000 guests celebrating the opening of Tesla’s new 10 million square feet Giga plant outside the Texas capital of Austin. Rob Ross and the team at Rob Ross Design created the visual by lighting 25 unpainted Tesla vehicles in an array of vibrant colours to coordinate with a thematic soundscape developed by the Tesla media team.
The collaboration resulted in a 10-minute music and light show that captivated visitors at the ceremony. “We called this the ‘Body in White’ section,” says Ross. “It was one of my favourite points in the event. Seeing these vehicles accented by different colours and patterns in coordination with the music was a lot of fun, and it conveyed a nice upbeat mood.”
There were plenty of other impressive visuals at the event, as Ross and his team, working with their Tesla counterparts, transformed the sprawling facility into a visual wonderland. At the heart of their design was a 2,000ft long tour through the cavernous plant’s production area lined with robots, sensors, casting space, and a collection of exotic looking equipment.
Ross’ design made the space come alive through changing colours and light angles, while at the same time using brightness and shadows to accentuate distinctive architectural features. “We were very happy with how this turned out,” he said. “A lot of credit goes to my team: Aidan Marshall, Jiajing Qi, Dan Schreckengost,

green-hippo-provides-flexibility-for-sterling-event-group-1Green Hippo provides flexibility for Sterling
Friday, 27 May 2022

UK - Technical event production and hire company Sterling Event Group has invested in Hippotizer media servers.
Joe Timmons, head of vision at Sterling Event Group comments: “We work on a variety of events and it’s important for us to have media servers that can provide various solutions for different projects. Our previous media servers had reached end of life and so in choosing our new media servers we wanted to explore different brands and products.”
Specialist entertainment technology suppliers, A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) demoed and supplied Sterling Event Group with Hippotizer Boreal+ MK2 and Nevis+ media servers.
“We demoed different brands and what struck me about Green Hippo was the ease of use and flexibility. The ability to have different operators using different control surfaces to trigger and manipulate content in real time is a real game-changer for us,” adds Timmons.
“We chose the Boreal+ MK2 as we needed a product that had the power and output capacity to drive real-time media playback on complex projects. This includes large and unusual canvases as well as 3D mapping projects.
“We chose the Nevis+ because it’s compact design and great price point make it a great choice for events where single output playback is required. What stood out the most is how powerful the Nevis+ is despite its compact and lightweight chassis.”
Sterling Event Group’s Boreal+ MK2 units arrived and immediately went out to site. Despite the quick turnaround they performed straight out of the box and delivered a

madisonWiscosin church turns to Dante based system
Friday, 27 May 2022

USA - Established in 1932, City Church of Madison, Wisconsin, has a striking modernist exterior and a spacious, 800-seat, modern sanctuary with complete stage and AV production capabilities.
For years, City Church has relied on live stage productions supported by multiple large video projection screens, professional lighting and a full pro-audio-quality sound system to engage the congregation. But faced with the expanding scope and vision of the church's AV productions, City Church recently did a substantial systems upgrade by engineering and installing a completely new production workflow built upon Dante audio and the new Dante AV networked video platform.
“We have always believed in using technology to eliminate distractions and deliver our message in a clear, compelling and engaging way,” says Nathan Rohde, worship pastor, City Church. “We basically just did a complete overhaul of the entire sanctuary so we can now integrate audio and video seamlessly throughout our church, our education facilities and online.”
Rohde explained that the church needed to advance its capabilities on several fronts. The production quality in the sanctuary needed improving, and full AV content needed to be shared more extensively throughout the church facility. Leadership also wanted a better way to bring the same quality of their live productions to their streaming media services.
“As we researched potential network solutions, we learned about Dante AV and the Dante AV-enabled encoders from Patton. This looked like the direction we needed to go,” s

verge-aerothunder-over-evans-2022Armed Forces Day celebrates with Verge Aero
Friday, 27 May 2022

USA - Verge Aero’s military-grade drones were out in force as the annual Thunder Over Evans event complemented a massive firework show with drone displays to salute America’s service members.
Thousands of families and service personnel travelled to the Towne Centre Park in Evans, Georgia to witness the celebrations, as the Verge Aero team coordinated 180 drones to complement the pyrotechnics and fireworks.
The drones were programmed to deliver sky-high messaging, spelling out a massive ‘U-S-A’ and morphing into precision-animated 3D volumetric shapes, which displayed the Stars and Stripes and military crests, as well as patriotic patterns of red, white and blue.
It was the second consecutive year that Verge Aero was commissioned to deliver the drone event for Thunder Over Evans, following a pandemic pause in events in 2020. Last year, Verge Aero delivered a crowd-pleaser success that “took our event to a level that we couldn't even imagine” according to event organiser Shane Thompson.
Following this year’s event, Thompson commented: “We’ve put on Thunder Over Evans, our city-wide military appreciation event, for 15 years. We hit a wall for our ability to ‘wow’ our attendees in regard to our music and fireworks. We then met the guys at Verge Aero. The effort that they put into our show creates an experience that we now cannot go without.
"Verge Aero is the best at what it does, and their team is able to translate our love for country with a breath-taking show that evokes emotion to all who attend

escProdigy provides operational reliability for ESC
Thursday, 26 May 2022

Europe - Broadcast to over 50 countries worldwide and attracting more than 200 million viewers, the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (ESC) employed the most extensive DirectOut infrastructure so far deployed at the event.
The goal of the system design was to ensure that, in the event of the failure of any single element, the signal flow would not be interrupted for more than 3ms. To achieve this, it was necessary to provide one or more backups for each device, and the first redundancy level had to be independent of operator response time. Another requirement was that all tasks and signals had to be synchronized bi-directionally to within a single sample, while glitches (digital noise) were to be completely avoided.
To achieve this level of system security, the planners relied on audio converters, processors and distribution systems from German company DirectOut - in particular the Prodigy.MP processor.
ESC 2022 used 14 Profigy.MP units as a central audio interface and distribution system, offering an interface between different audio formats and manufacturers’ systems, and seamlessly integrating an extensive and diverse audio system in FOH, monitor, playback, patch room and broadcast. As an interface between different parts of the system, the Prodigy.MP worked with FastSRC in bypass mode to actively intervene within a single sample, allowing the exchange of asynchronous signals bi-directionally without any problems.
Within the playback system, the EARS (Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching) technology was also used within the Prodigy -

stadiumOslo’s Ullevaal Stadium switches to L-Acoustics
Thursday, 26 May 2022

Norway - Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo was instigated by the Lyn Oslo football club in 1926, and it is currently the home ground of the Norway national football team. It is also the site of the Norwegian Cup Final, when thousands of fans descend on the stadium. With the previous PA system having served the stadium well for 24 years, this year marks the start of a new acoustical era for Ullevaal Stadium with the installation of the L-Acoustics A Series system.
L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for Norway, Scandec Systems AS has been working with Ullevaal Stadium since the early eighties, having designed and delivered the previous PA system back in 1998. Knowing that the time for an upgrade was approaching, Scandec’s product manager John Idar Bakke had already started the design of a new system back in 2018.
When the official tender was released last year, three companies, Spectre, Assemblin and Scandec, teamed up to be fully prepared with a new, future-proof L-Acoustics sound system design, which they presented to Ullevaal Stadium. Spectre is a Norwegian rental company and has been responsible for management of the stadium’s sound for several years, whilst Nordic end-to-end installation and service partner, Assemblin, would be responsible for the installation of the final L-Acoustics system. The design was met with great enthusiasm and was ultimately chosen as the winning bid.
“We knew that L-Acoustics A Series would be the perfect match for this venue and provide ultimate coverage over the entire seating area,” says Scandec’s John Ida

anolis-dark-matter-144Anolis LED sheds light on Dark Matter
Thursday, 26 May 2022

Germany - Anolis LED lighting has been installed to illuminate Dark Matter, a new exhibition space in Berlin showcasing the creative work and technical innovation of light artist Christopher Bauder from WHITEVoid.
Dark Matter is contained in seven pitch-black rooms within three purpose-built buildings on the site of a converted factory in the lively Lichtenberg (Light Mountain) area of the city. The experience opened during the pandemic and has fast become a runaway success for light and interactive art lovers.
When it came to highlighting and illuminating the exterior of Dark Matter, Christopher, and his team - including technical lead Marc Liebold and site manager Natalie Heckl - turned to architectural lighting brand Anolis to provide the lumens, colours and aura of magical transformation that brings the buildings, gardens and surrounding industrial architecture to life after dusk.
The site’s features include some spectacular gas and heating pipes running from the neighbouring Vattenfall Power Station which traverse Dark Matter’s outdoor areas and also provide a heating feed, so visitors stay cosy in the winter.
The 16 Anolis Divine 160 RGBW LED floods, 30 Eminere 4s and 10 Eminere 4 Ingrounds were chosen for their power, quality of light and colour mixing, and all of them were supplied via Robe Germany.
“We needed numerous different lens options,” comments Marc, “and this variability was another reason for choosing Anolis together with the insane output and lens power.”
Eight of the Di

halo-product-image-01-loresNeutrik announces Halo product range
Thursday, 26 May 2022

USA - Neutrik has announced the launch of its new Halo product range, to be debuted on the company’s booth at the NAMM Show in the Anaheim next week.
Neutrik Halo products integrate a new patented light ring along with an asymmetrical, non-metallic push tab into the design of the company’s popular A series chassis connectors.
Halo product variants include the NC3FAH2-LR-DAE and NC5FAH-LR-DAE female XLR connectors, the NC3MAH-LR and NC5MAH-LR male XLR connectors, and the NE8FAH-LR-DAE etherCON connector. By placing one or two SMD LEDs on circuit boards, the connectors can be lit up for useful and attractive visual feedback such as input detection, transmission status, connection status, phantom power, operating mode indication, and other useful information.
The Neutrik Halo light ring delivers a forward-looking alternative to light pipes. With their standard cut-out, no additional holes for light pipes are required in the device panel. These connecters provide improved visibility compared to light pipes, and different colours can be displayed on the left and right sides of the connector - all of which results in a design element that is both visually appealing and informative, says Neutrik.
The asymmetrical, compound push tab minimises static discharge concerns. The tab’s matte, non-reflective surface minimizes light reflections - ensuring clear visual feedback. The asymmetrical placement allows closer vertical spacing of rows of connectors, compared to standard designs where the tab is located at the top centre. And with a larger push a

ut-grad-2022Bandit Lites supports Tennessee graduation
Thursday, 26 May 2022

USA - More than 5,250 graduates celebrated commencement at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville under a lighting system donated from Bandit Lites. The ceremonies took place over three days at Thompson-Boling Arena and consisted of graduates from 45 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico and 23 countries.
Bandit donated a flown truss lighting system that included motors, trussing, lights, and draping. The system featured 140 fixtures including Vari-Lite 3000 Spots, GRNLite LED moving head washes, Chauvet ColorDash Batten Quad-12, Chauvet ColorDash Blocks and Thomas 9-lite DWE moles.
“As a graduate of UT, as well as serving on multiple boards for many years, it is an honour and pleasure to give back and turn this proud day into a great experience,” says Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland. “The best and the brightest walk across that stage and take their place as the next generation of leaders in our world.”
VL 3000 Spots illuminated the sign language interpreter, announcer, and orchestra while the remaining ones projected the Power-T and gobo patters along Bandit’s white Spandex backdrop. Bandit’s GRNLite moving washes supplied the upstage, downstage and ramp washes.
“This year, we added more to cover extra areas where the graduates wait to have their name called on camera; streaming live to video screens in the arena,” said Bandit Lites project manager Giff Swart.
ColorDash Battens were used to up-light draping while the ColorDash Blocks were used to up-light on stage greenery. Thomas 9-lite DWE moles were hung on th

edinburgh-zoo-interactive-videoEdinburgh Zoo unveils interactive experience
Thursday, 26 May 2022

UK - Production agency Colada Creative has joined forces with global video platform Vimeo to launch a new interactive tour experience for Edinburgh Zoo.
Home of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), the zoo is one of Europe’s leading centres of conservation, education and research and is home to more than 1,000 rare and endangered animals and welcomes in excess of 800,000 visitors each year.
However, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the zoo has looked into other ways to reach its supporters and share the stories of the animals on site. The interactive video allows users to tour, view and meet some of the animals and zookeepers at the 82-acre attraction, without having to be on site.
Director at Colada Creative, Jack Brodie, says: “Video has become a useful tool for tourist attractions throughout the past two years but, as we return to relatively normal life, it’s great to see brands like Edinburgh Zoo use video, and particularly interactive video, as an ongoing addition to its on-site experience.
“Colada is one of very few agencies in the world that are collaborating with Vimeo, to offer interactive video technology to brands like Edinburgh Zoo.
“Interactive video is the future of video - engagement levels are far above standard video content and there are huge opportunities to add layers of information and calls to action.”
Visitors can get up close to exhibits such as penguins, meerkats and giraffes, while expert members of the wildlife conservation charity’s team provide interesting insight and

jack-whitewarsticjblWarstic Bat Company picks JBL and Crown
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

USA - Baseball bat company Warstic Sports recently opened its new headquarters and retail space in Dallas, which features a comprehensive networked audio system from Harman Professional Solutions.
Founded by former baseball player and entrepreneur Ben Jenkins in 2011, Warstic specialises in metal bats and customisable wood bats, along with batting gloves, fielding gloves and other baseball and softball accessories.
In 2016, four-time All-Star second baseman Ian Kinsler and musician Jack White became co-owners alongside Jenkins, and in November 2021 the company officially opened its flagship store and headquarters in Dallas. In addition to a retail space and batting cage area, the facility also features a cafe, a conference space known as the War Room, and a live performance space in the basement.
To meet Warstic’s current needs and anticipate future plans for the space, Harman provided design assistance and installation guidance for the versatile audio system featuring JBL Professional, Crown, BSS and Soundcraft solutions.
“The building itself is not only our central office but also a retail store, batting cage, speaking and event centre, factory, coffee shop and a place for live music,” said Christine Edgington, president, Warstic Sports. “There are so many components packed into our 10kft space. We started the process with a detailed explanation of how we would be utilizing all of the different spaces, and Harman matched our needs with their extensive list of products.”
“Each space had its own individual needs as far as au

hof--podiumtechniekPodiumtechniek to distribute HOF in the Netherlands
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

The Netherlands - HOF has appointed Podiumtechniek as a distribution partner in the Netherlands. Podiumtechniek specialises in custom-made stage technology solutions.
Bob Ages, co-founder of Podiumtechniek, comments: “We believe that with creativity there are no limits to what is possible on stage and at events and that there is a solution to everything - either with regular products or with tailor made solutions - and often a combination of both. HOF is one of the rare companies that offers both and we are glad to have the HOF products in our portfolio now and a manufacturer in our network that can design and deliver custom made solutions.”
Edwin Duivelaar, export & sales manager at HOF, adds: “With Podiumtechniek we share the same philosophy which is that no project is impossible and the crazier the idea the better. We are impressed by the creativity of Podiumtechniek and are delighted to enlarge our distribution network in the Netherlands with such a dynamic partner.”

prolights-eurovision-01-800x450Prolights SunBlast shines on Melodifestivalen
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Sweden - Green Wall Designs, a Sweden-based company that creates visuals, sets, and lighting designs for stage performances, TV, and events, were responsible for lighting the national song contest that decided who would be the winning group to participate in the Eurovision. The event was held on 22 April at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm.
“We used a total of 103 Prolights SunBlast 3000FC in the main rig, and an additional eight units during the finals,” said the team at Green Wall designs. “They were a big part of the show, we used them in almost every song and they were crucial to the Melodifestivalen 2022 look. Their brightness combined with the option to use all 48 cells pixel mapped individually enabled us to use them in different ways depending on the song's mood and feeling.
“All from brutal bursts controlled by the lighting console to detailed twinkles played from the media server. We also used them to extend the video content from the screens and led strips into the lighting rig.”
During the pre-production trials, the Green Wall Designs team contacted Calle Brattberg from Gobo A/S, the Swedish distributor of Prolights, who worked along with the manufacturer to create a new software mode tailored to this application.
“We requested a mode that would fit what we were doing, that was sort of good at everything. We wanted to use a basic colour strobe with the effects generator and background colour but also use all 48 zones in 16-bit. This made it possible to quickly programme strobes and bursts with relatively few fixtures, whil

singaporeClear-Com helps Singapore celebrate New Year
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Singapore - The Singapore community had every reason to celebrate in a big way at this year’s Chingay Parade. The annual event honouring the Chinese New Year was not only celebrating its 50th anniversary, it was also returning to a live extravaganza format after the pandemic minimised the festivities for the past two years.
CSP Productions, a Clear-Com global rental group partner in Singapore, provided intercom support for the 2022 Chingay show, deploying a Clear-Com Eclipse HX Digital Matrix solution with FreeSpeak II Digital Wireless systems. The equipment’s flexibility and performance were a match for the challenging production requirements, scope and timeline of this year’s festival.
The Chingay Parade started in 1973 as a street parade and has evolved into an event showcasing Singapore’s multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan cultures. This year, more than 500 performers from Singapore and around the world performed at the 90-minute event, held at the Jewel Changi Airport's HSBC Rain Vortex atrium.
CSP Productions configured the Clear-Com systems for compatibility with the walkie-talkies used by crews and in-ear monitors used by hosts and talent. An added challenge was the need to link panels for the video team over a distance of several hundred meters, accomplished by using a BroaMan MUX22, a fibre multiplexer for audio, video and data transport device that converts 4-wire signals to fibre and back to four-wire signals.
According to Jaymie Foo, project manager and crew chief at CSP Productions, the 2022 event was the largest combination

austrianAustrian releases large-diaphragm condenser
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

USA - Austrian Audio has announced the NAMM launch of the OC16, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, designed to offer premium features at an affordable price. Just like the OC18 and the OC818 models, the new OC16 boasts a transparent and natural sound thanks to a combination of the hand-made in Vienna CKR capsule and Austrian Audio’s "Open Acoustics Technology" approach.
The OC16 is a robust microphone equipped with a patented CKR6 ceramic capsule. The design is inspired by the CK12 capsule which was made of brass. Austrian Audio opted for industrial ceramics instead as it is a highly insulating material that has the same mass and acoustic properties as brass, but is far less error-prone in production and can be manufactured much more consistently. Each capsule is made by hand in Vienna, tested and measured in-house before it leaves the factory.
Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics technology reduces acoustic problems such as unwanted reflections and standing waves within the microphone. The result is the familiar, open and natural Austrian Audio OC (open condenser) sound. Thanks to the elastic capsule suspension, the mic can be positioned very close to even the loudest sound source, reducing unwanted noises, bass boosts and distortion.
The OC16 is an all-around microphone, says Austrian Audio. “Its price to performance ratio puts it within the reach of home studios, gigging musicians, school music programs, podcasters, live streamers, rental companies, and professional studios looking to fill out their mic locker with an affordable workhorse.

knoxvilleKnoxville church connects with L-ISA technology
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

USA - First established in 1891, First Baptist Concord (FBC) is a Knoxville-area church that has witnessed considerable change over its 130 years. When FBC took on the renovation of its 25-year-old main Worship Centre last year, it chose to install L-ISA immersive technology using an L-Acoustics A Series-based loudspeaker system to further deepen and enrich the worship experience for its congregation.
Following several successful one-off projects with Solotech, the church approached the company’s Nashville team again to help it design and integrate new audio, video, and lighting systems for the space. Solotech integrated systems designer Luke Lasater reports: “We worked closely with L-Acoustics to design two PA options for the church - a standard left/right system and an L-ISA option. After reviewing the designs with the church, all agreed L-ISA was the way to go for many reasons.”
Solotech brought in Design Technik to create an acoustics solution that would both help resolve the room’s acoustical issues and complement a new loudspeaker setup. L-Acoustics then worked with both Solotech and Design Technik using Soundvision modelling software to design the optimum system for the space, which is based on an A Series loudspeaker design.
FBC’s new system comprises five Scene arrays of four A15i Focus and one A15i Wide flanked by left and right extension arrays of one A10i Focus and two A10i Wide. Two hangs of three A15i Focus and one A15i Wide horizontally flown deliver out-fill coverage, while four KS28 subs flown in a cardioid configuration b

robe-wonder-of-the-seas1645410473wn22-photo-courtesy-rccl-pressRoboSpots solution on Wonder of the Seas
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

France - The world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean International’s Wonder of the Seas will have four Robe RoboSpot systems installed in its 1,600-seat capacity Main Theatre, and two more in Studio B, which is the Royal Caribbean ice rink.
The four RoboSpot BaseStations in the Main Theatre will be controlling eight Forte moving lights from Robe, each running in conjunction with four motion cameras. Meanwhile, the two BaseStations in the ice rink will be used with four Esprite LED Profiles.
This installation builds on the success of RoboSpots installed as a remote follow spotting solution in the Two70 venue aboard Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas, which commenced service in 2021.
The Wonder Main Theatre show will be an all-singing, all-dancing Broadway-style production, complete with aerialists, drones, and complex automated scenery, with lighting designed by Rui Rita.
Project managing the vessel’s show lighting installations for Royal Caribbean was Ben Couling, who worked closely on Wonder of the Seas with Gaëtan Mornet of cruise AV integration specialist, Videlio-HMS from St. Nazaire which completed the installation.
The relationship between Royal Caribbean and Robe started when Miami-based Christopher Vlassopulos, Royal Caribbean’s sound, light, and AV systems manager for new build projects, and Amir El Yordi from Control AV Miami visited the Robe booth at LDI 2019, whilst Odyssey was already under construction.
For the Wonder Main Theatre, the RoboSpot BaseStations and operators are concealed from view on

abstractTechLED brings Abstract fixtures to PLASA Focus Leeds
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

UK - At this year’s PLASA Focus Leeds, TechLED presented new products from Abstract Lighting, aimed at installers or rental companies who require affordable LED lighting solutions.
The showcase included Abstract’s IP20-rated, RBGW LED lighting system Candi Blox. Manufactured in the UK, the 200mm x 192mm unit features a five-by-five array of multi-chip LEDs configured as a central array of 25 LEDs, with an edge halo effect surround achieved through 20 additional LEDs. Lens options include 10°,15° and 40°, as well as an opal diffused option. The fixture can also be truss- or surface-mounted. Candi Blox is connected via four-pin XLR and operated via Duplicator 4, Duplicator 6, or even a proprietary smartphone or desktop app. The Blox draw just 5V for a 15W output.
Abstract’s Candi Bar packages up to six Candi Blox together as a standalone fixture taking the six-way unit to a height of 2m. Candi Bar is a versatile fixture, suitable for a live stage, television, bars and clubs and mobile DJs.
Complementing the Candi Bar, Abstract’s XLite Pro is a freestanding, two-metre-high, LED lighting system which exudes a beautifully blended peripheral light. High-performance mix-at-source multi-chip RGBW LEDs pitched at 14.2mm are housed within precision-engineered aluminium covered with a 160° frost lens to create a diffused 300-lumen glow. IP20-rated and connected via 4 pin XLR, the XLite Pro is operated via its own remote control or proprietary smartphone app and Amazon’s Alexa.

clubjolieprimage1Genelec enhances Jolie’s club experience
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

India - Mumbai’s luxury private members-only club, Jolie’s sprawls over an impressive 20,000sq.ft. To elevate the customer experience, the club features a premium Genelec loudspeaker solution, which was integrated by Genelec’s local AV distribution partner Pandam Professional Audio.
Abhishek Bindal, the senior vice president of Jolie’s, approached Pandam’s owner Prashant Damle for consultation. In response, Abhishek and his team were invited to Pandam’s Genelec Experience Centre located in Mahim, Mumbai, where they decided to go with Genelec.
Under the guidance of Prashant, the project was planned over a two-month period. However, the actual integration was carried out in a tight 20-day period, leaving no room for error. In total, over 40 loudspeakers were deployed, with the assistance of Pandam Audio’s installation engineer, Sunil Jambhale. This includes a relatively even split of Genelec S360A and 8010A models, complemented by four 7382A subwoofers to handle low frequency duties.
Any questions or further support that Club Jolie required would be directed towards Nikhil Pagedar, Pandam’s customer support engineer.
Prashant explains the key decisions: “In the event space area we installed the S360As paired with a 7382A subwoofer. This combination delivers a class-leading balance of extraordinary SPL output, wide dynamic range and an intensely detailed, transparent performance." It was important to equip this room with the capacity to satisfy a wide range of different functions, which is precisely what this Genelec pairing a

nx-facadeFirst acts confirmed for NX Newcastle
Tuesday, 24 May 2022

UK - Andrew Cushin, Beabadoobee, James Bay, Digga D and the Reytons are among the first acts confirmed for Electric Group’s NX Newcastle, which opens in September.
Formerly an O2 Academy venue, NX Newcastle’s substantial refurbishment will equip it to bring the best out of live music, DJ sets and club nights, emulating Electric Group’s multi-purpose model at Electric Brixton and SWX Bristol.
Enhancing the customer and the performer experience is a crucial element in Electric Group CEO Dominic Madden’s plans for NX Newcastle, where he’s working with creative architectural practice Design At Source to improve sightlines and deliver a sense of intimacy on stage and front of house.
Dominic Madden comments: “While our vision for NX Newcastle fully respects the history of the venue, it’s about putting the artist and fan experience front and centre, closing the distance between them. Our plans really pull the audience in.”
Mike Weller, Electric Group’s head of music, who holds the diary for NX, adds: “With a new PA, new lighting, new screens and a lift to the stage for touring parties, which is a much-needed addition, this room is going to be ground-breaking production complete.
“Planning our first run of shows I’ve been having great conversations with senior agents and national promoters are already announcing dates. I’m looking forward to working closely with local promoters 456 and F54 too, they have a big part to play in the live programming of NX.
“Electric Group has committed to making NX Newcastle an

genesisMDG theONE provides the canvas for Genesis
Tuesday, 24 May 2022

UK - For the recent Genesis tour The Last Domino?, Roland Greil, co-lighting designer with show designer Patrick Woodroffe of Woodroffe Bassett Designs, chose five MDG theONE dual haze and fog generators, citing the need for an excellent canvas of haze on which to paint their lighting design for this iconic band’s potentially last tour (see LSi May 2022 for an in-depth report on the production).
Thoughout its history, Genesis has built a reputation for pushing boundaries with its show designs. The visual impact is a crucial, signature part of the band’s shows and a feature that Greil and Woodroffe were keen to maintain. Their show and lighting design incorporated homages to the band’s history, reflecting looks from past tours, whilst simultaneously bringing the visuals into the 21st century to create an unforgettable experience for the audiences.
“It’s very important to have even haze for a show because we rely on it so much to show the beams and the lighting,” says Greil. “theONE has been one of my favourite haze/fog products for years. We’ve used it for Adele, Phil Collins, Rammstein, etc. It is especially good for its haze. There is not really a comparable product out there at all that can create an even haze - or even a real haze - that’s not just a version of smoke or fog.
“theONE is also good from a touri


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