Bandit lights Elvie Shane virtual radio tour
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
elvie-shane-live3Bandit Lites is providing a lighting package for Elvie Shane’s virtual concerts
USA - Launching a national radio promotional tour in the midst of a pandemic is not an easy task, but rising country newcomer Elvie Shane is no stranger to hard work. With his blue collar upbringing and gospel-bred roots, the BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records recording artist recently released the ballad My Boy.
Bandit Lites is providing a lighting package for Shane’s virtual concerts which are being live streamed on radio stations around the country.
Lighting designer Keith Hoagland crafted a lighting design that would translate on camera and computer screens all the while matching the energy of soulful vocals, rollicking guitar tones and pounding beat.
Hoagland chose iWhite LED fixtures as the key lights due to their dual warm and cool colour temperatures. Color Chorus 48 units, with their lower power consumption and bright output were utilised. Six Par 200 fixtures backlight Elvie Shane and the band as well as supply key light for the musicians located within ISO recording booths off the main room. Nitro 510c units were chosen for their small footprint and nice output for the ISO booth back wall splash of colour.
“As usual, Bandit and their crews prep systems so well that when you go into a venue and start to change things, it is a simple flow of work action,” said Hoagland. “From (vice president) Mike Golden to (project manager) Donnie Lockridge, then the two great crew who swiftly unloaded and setup the system, it was a great day of work.”

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