BTM grows Nexo STM Series portfolio
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
nexoNew cabinets were purchased for Girona’s big annual music event, the Fires de Girona
Spain - Nexo’s STM Series made a special kind of debut in Spain as audio production company BTM Sound in Girona completed its first events with PA systems featuring its newly-purchased STM M46 main cabinets.
An early adopter of Nexo’s modular line array concept and design, BTM Sound initially set up its STM Series in 2014 using the smaller STM M28 double-8” cabinet as the main module, pairing them with the STM B112 bass and S118 subs. Last year, the company increased its cabinet count by adding M28 cabinets in both 90° and 120° versions.
After four successful years serving the Costa Brava’s most high-profile events, such as Festival de Portoferrada and Festival Castell de Peralada, BTM has expanded its STM inventory with a number of new STM M46 cabinets, purchased specifically for Girona’s big annual music event, the Fires de Girona.
Headlined by Els Catarres, a pop-ska-rock band that is very popular in Catalunya, the show used a main PA with six M46/B112 + three STM M28 down-fill cabinets per side, plus nine S118 subs per side. Nexo PS15s were used as front-fills. The main stage monitoring was provided by Nexo’s distinctive 45° N-12 line monitors, as well as STM stacks for the drums. The main front-of-house console was a Yamaha PM7.
“We took advantage of a modest economic recovery to fulfil our goal of working with the newest designs,” says owner Xavier Morell. “The modular and scalable design of STM Series is ideal for our company, and the match extends to our control equipment, where we can take advantage of the connectivity between Nexo equipment and the Yamaha consoles via Dante.”
All systems have been supplied by long-time Nexo distributor Doscientos Veinte Sonido.
(Jim Evans)

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