Clair Brothers C12 wins at Moto GP championship
Monday, 12 February 2018
clairbros-motogpWinneer Marc Marquez celebrates
Spain - Clair Brothers new distribution partner in Spain, VTècnics, recently upgraded its touring P.A. to the new C12 system immediately following their decision to partner with the loudspeaker company. And they’ve wasted no time putting it to the test.
For The Moto Grand Prix World Championship, VTècnics was called on for the first time to provide full production of the Spanish leg. Juan Carlos Álvarez, VTècnics stage systems engineer, explains: “We’re honoured to have been selected for the 2017 celebration of the winner of the Moto GP championship, rider Marc Marquez from our home country of Spain.”
When the time came for the rider’s speech, a couple wireless microphones were used. The C12 system delivered a powerfully clean sound to the audience. VTècnics provided a successful event overall. Álvarez notes, “Events like this come with unique challenges, and it’s always best when our equipment works at the height of its potential. Which is what the C12 does – like a champion.”
For the event celebration, VTècnics hung four C12 speakers on each side of the stage, three of which with a 90º horizontal coverage pattern and the fourth bottom speaker at 120º. The audience area was not so large but was crowded with thousands of Marc Marquez fans and their noisy motorbikes, so for additional coverage in an effort to further overcome the background din, two Clair Brothers iS218s were positioned under the C12s on both sides.
(Jim Evans)

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