DAS Audio pumps up Miami brewery
Wednesday, 19 May 2021
latropical1hiCuba’s oldest brewery is now one of Miami’s youngest
USA - As Cuba’s oldest brewery, Cerveceria La Tropical dates to the year 1888 when La Tropical founded the Cuban beer industry. The business thrived until the arrival of the Cuban revolution when the company’s assets were seized. Fast forward 50 years, which includes relocation of the founding family to Miami, and Cerveceria La Tropical has a new home. Cuba’s oldest brewery is now one of Miami’s youngest, and this new business has DAS Audio loudspeakers installed throughout the complex.
Sound Investment Audio, a design / build AV integration and live event production firm with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas, was contracted to handle the audio system design and installation at Cerveceria La Tropical.
Jon Raymond, Sound Investment’s Chicago‐based national project manager, is involved in many aspects of the company’s projects. Working in close coordination with the company’s regional project managers, he was responsible for the design, planning and installation of Cerveceria La Tropical’s new sound system, which included loudspeakers drawn from the WR, Artec, and Vantec series catalogues of DAS Audio. He discussed the project, which opened in February 2021.
“Cerveceria La Tropical’s inside areas make up roughly 17,550sq.ft and include the brewery and bar in addition to table seating,” Raymond explained. “This inside area is where the beer tasting, and dining take place. The outside area includes a 5,850sq.ft courtyard, with tables and a stage area located at the far end of the space. The stage faces the length of the area and musical entertainment includes a combination of performing bands and DJs.”
According to Raymond, the Sound Investment team deployed 10 DAS Artec‐308 two‐way passive point source loudspeakers - wall-mounted - throughout the inside area. For low frequency support, the installation crew also installed two Vantec‐18 bass reflex passive subwoofers, which are positioned on the floor.
Outside, the stage area is adorned with eight DAS WR‐320‐DX 2‐way passive line arrays - with the left and right hangs each consisting of four enclosures. Low frequency support is supplied by four WR‐218S‐DX weather resistant subwoofers that are positioned underneath the stage. For stage monitoring during performances, there are 4 DAS ACTION M‐12A Active 12‐inch 1000 W stage monitors.
Raymond concludes, “This project has been a tremendous success. There have been several great reviews in the local publications and the outdoor stage with live music is a big draw. To sum it all up: business is booming and, as a result, management is really happy. We intend to continue our strategy of providing high quality audio and services to Cerveceria and each venue will be better than the last. I believe this project has been a positive experience for all involved - and DAS Audio is a part of this success.”

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