Elation at Knoxville’s Lessons & Carols
Monday, 11 February 2019
lessons--carolsphoto-by-hayden-antal2Celebrating Christmas in Knoxville (photo: Hayden Antal)
USA - When Knoxville-based Shoreline Church, Hope Fellowship Church and City Church came together in December for a night of scripture and song called Lessons & Carols, Harmonic Audio and Concert Productions of Chattanooga accentuated the evening with mood-generating lighting using their inventory of Elation Professional lighting.
“Chuck Hooten, worship pastor at Shoreline Church, wanted to create a new tradition in Knoxville and came up with the Lessons & Carols concept, which combines teachings from the story of Christmas with music,” explains Harmonic’s Drew Hornback, production designer for the event. “It was an inaugural event and we turned to our Elation lights to accent what they were doing.”
Held in Knoxville’s historic Bijou Theater, Harmonic was called on to create a ‘massive look’ with lighting as the stand out element of the show. “They wanted an immersive design so we went to Capture and designed a rig that highlighted the Artiste DaVinci as our profile with Fuze Wash Z350s adding colour,” says Hornback, who also handled lighting design and lighting programming duties.
Lessons & Carols was Harmonic’s first show using their zoomable Artiste DaVinci LED moving heads and Hornback says they provided them with a great look. “The DaVinci was the right fixture for the job,” he states. “The CMY colour mixing and the gobos provided incredible texture to the stage. They really gave an impactful punch at an incredible price point. You can’t find another light like it.”
Eight Artiste DaVinci’s flown in the rig and four units working from a floor position were used to project big breakup patterns and sweeping profile looks out into the audience while the Fuze Wash 350s complemented the looks as an overall stage wash. “Because the Fuze Wash are so versatile in their zoom range it allowed us to get some great stage washes as well as cool beam looks,” the designer states. “The combination of lights was really effective - they really accented each other.”
Harmonic has been an Elation dealer only since February 2018 and works with Elation manufacturer rep firm Freed Sales to keep up to date on Elation product offerings. “Elation was the way to go for our rental inventory and the music festivals we supply gear for,” Hornback explains. “We have a great relationship with Freed Sales and the new professional products that Elation has come out with really top the bar in the industry.”
(Jim Evans)

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