Expanding For Event puts faith in Robe
Tuesday, 7 May 2019
robe-for-event-budapest-for211114057Czaba Csanadi (AVL Trade), FOR Event’s owner and founder Gábor Glatz and logistics manager Adam Horvato
Hungary - For Event is based in Budapest and is among Hungary’s leading technical production and equipment rental specialists, working across multiple entertainment and event sectors including music festivals and concert touring, live events, exhibitions and corporates.
The company was the first in Hungary to invest in Robe MegaPointes in early 2018. Before then, they were also the first rental operation with BMFLs in Hungary - of which they have purchased more in the last year together with 24 x Spiiders and 26 x ParFects.
The For Event brand was founded in 2011 by Gábor Glatz, a well-known Hungarian rock musician and celebrity who also runs another successful company, GDP, dedicated to providing full creative scenic and décor services.
For Event’s focus has always been on providing additional technical value - both in design and equipment - lighting, sound, rigging and staging, in particular to capitalise on the buzzing live events scene in and around Budapest. The city is replete with amazing venues and spaces embracing classical, historic, funky and modern.
The last 18 months has seen a dramatic increase in For Event’s lighting and sound rental departments, which has included all the newest Robe investments, which have been delivered by Hungarian distributor, AVL Trade.
“We like to be innovative,” states Gábor, who has been using Robe products in his various commercial entertainment technology enterprises for some years - dating back at least a decade to the days of Robe XT scanners and the ColorMix 575.
“Robe has been right back on our radar increasingly in the last couple of years” he states with great enthusiasm, and this is what prompted this latest shopping expedition.
Gábor specifically wanted some reliable smaller multi-purpose fixtures in rental stock and saw the MegaPointe in action during its launch at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt in 2017.
He also reports that there is a healthy cross rental business in BMFLs, Spiiders and MegaPointes in Hungary, and between For Events and its partners in other European countries including Turkey.
They also work closer to Robe’s home territory in the neighbouring Czech Republic, with ZL Productions. The two companies combining forces for the 2018 Enrique Iglesias European tour (LD and show director Travis Stanton).
(Jim Evans)

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