Gel Services acquired by Opus Lighting
Friday, 26 April 2019
opus-lightinglogoOpus Lighting can produce colour strings for the entire range of colour scrollers
USA - Gel strings specialist Opus Lighting has announced the acquisition of Gel Services, Inc (GSI).
Opus Lighting of Colorado Springs was founded in 2008 and specialises in colour strings production. GSI, which had been producing gel strings for scrollers and provided parts and service for Wybron products for over 40 years, closed on 31 March. Its business operations were transferred to Opus Lighting on 1 April.
Brandon James, Opus Lighting principal, comments: “When I heard that GSI would be closing, I thought that this was a unique opportunity to strengthen our business and continue supporting people who still rely on colour scroller technology. We will be supporting all existing colour string orders that were outstanding with GSI’s customers and want to show them that they can rely on getting quality work and on-time delivery from Opus Lighting.”
(Jim Evans)

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