‘From the outset, Michael set out to assemble a team of creative and ambitious designers’
UK - Lighting design studio Michael Grubb Studio is celebrating a decade in business, having been set up by founder and managing director Michael Grubb in 2013.
Like most fledgling enterprises, Michael Grubb Studio began with just one solitary employee – Michael Grubb – working from a desk in a back bedroom. Now, 10 years on, the studio has grown to become an international winning lighting consultancy.
From the outset, Michael set out to assemble a team of creative and ambitious designers. His current team of 12 experts in their field demonstrate these skills and capabilities.
“I sought a team that possessed self-motivation, audacity, a willingness to take calculated risks, and a commitment to educating our clients about the possibilities that light could offer,” says Michael. “Our DNA and ethos remain at the core of everything we do, creativity, education, and environmental protection.”
In the early years, the team ventured into unconventional endeavours, including dressing their marketing manager as a lobster, pitching the concept of George Clooney dressed as Santa opening their Gardens of Light Festival, and illuminating Durdle Door from a tiny vessel at sea. These bold and creative escapades helped establish Michael Grubb Studio's reputation and define the company's identity.
Confidence in the company’s vision and approach played an integral role in Michael Grubb Studio’s early successes and rapid growth. This paved the way for several high-profile, significant award-winning projects, including the Guinness Storehouse, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and the Gardens of Light Festival.
Another pivotal moment in the company’s journey was the introduction of the ReLit Project. This innovative initiative repurposed usable ex-demo lighting equipment for community projects, contributing to what is now known as a circular economy process. The project earned numerous awards and played a vital role in raising industry awareness about sustainable design practices that Michael Grubb Studio continues to build upon today.
The studio’s desire to share knowledge and educate others has been realised through a long-standing relationship with the Arts University of Bournemouth (AUB). The team provides lighting design content for the Interior Architect course, as well as yearly supporting interns. This close working arrangement has allowed staff to share skills and knowledge over the years, providing the business access to some exceptional students who have been welcomed to the team on a full-time basis after their studies.
One of the most significant company developments has been the establishment of the company’s London Studio in 2021. As the company evolved, a London presence became more relevant to support projects, designers and clients in the city. Michael Grubb Studio now benefits from a unified team, with cross collaboration between studios, seamlessly working together on a diverse array of successful projects across the world.
Michael Grubb added: “Ten years on the company has matured, we've retained, refined and developed our core identity. Our approach continues to integrate our ethos; to innovate and create; provide knowledge and experience as well as to continue to build upon, and deliver, our commitment to people and planet.
“We look forward to sharing the future with our industry friends and clients, who have helped make the last ten years possible, and to whom we are immensely grateful.”

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