The fast-moving light show was run by Marcus Herzog on a ChamSys Stadium console
Germany - Chart topping rapper Kontra K avoids the “tough guy” persona that many other artists in this genre adopt, but, as the old saying goes, “looks can be deceiving”. Emerging from the mean streets of some of Berlin’s roughest neighbourhoods, the popular artist is busy being a bona fide martial arts expert and a boxing coach when he isn’t performing on stage.
These street creds notwithstanding, however, Kontra K takes a more positive uplifting approach in his music and live performances. True to his motto Towards The Sun, he manages to convey an uplifting message without losing any of the raw intensity that are so much a part of this past and personality.
Both sides of this complex artist were conveyed in a recent arena tour of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, not just in his music and stage presence, but also in an immersive and fast-moving light show designed by Gunther Hecker and run by Marcus Herzog on ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console.
Anchored by a large centre stage video wall that display images of the star along with breakout patterns, Hecker’s design exuded upbeat energy with its bright overhead light creating crossing patterns. The colours chosen were also bright and bold, often displayed as vivid monochromatic shades of red.
Kontra K was always in the spotlight during the show as he transformed the stage with his powerful presence. Audience lighting from the overhead fixtures reinforced his strong connection to fans.
Running the elaborate eight-universe show with a deft touch, Herzog worked from cue list pages create for each song, busking at key moments. The intuitive, user-friendly layout of his MQ500 with its large space and 15” HD displays made it easier for him to keep up when busking Kontra K’s rapid-fire performance.
“There were many features about this console that were extremely beneficial for me on this tour,” he said. “The Executor Page was very helpful in allowing me to control the follow spots without the losing fader on my desk.”
Also receiving praise from Herzog were the Output Grids and Pixel Mapping Engine on the MQ500M console. “I was able to utilise both of the features for some nice effects,” he said, noting that many of the 165 fixtures in the tour’s rig were assigned to a separately controllable part of the grid.
Herzog credits the versatility of his console with helping him create some special moments during the shows various transitions and introductions, noting that these looks added an element of surprise to his design.

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