PLASA 2001 Show Seminars
Monday, 23 July 2001
To complement the exhibition, PLASA has lined up a range of seminars, workshops and clinics that will give an insight into how new technology is creating new opportunities, how individuals have pulled together highly complex projects, why integration is so important and how you can achieve more by picking up tips and techniques from others.

DJs can learn more about MP3 digitally-compressed music files and how this new technology is already creating a platform for a more creative approach. In a programme of seminars sponsored by Installation Europe, audio installation and integration is the theme under which issues of networking, control and the benefits of converging technologies are explored. Tuesday sees a Theme and Leisure Masterclass, presented by Leisure Management, in association with the TEA and TiLE, which focuses on how the leisure industry exploits special effects, lighting and audio technology to create unique environments to enhance the visitor experience. On Wednesday, the sessions move to consider the integration of audio and lighting into building design, the regulations facing those who install lighting, the increasing profile of new media such as LED technology, and the basics of video conferencing.

For the first time, you can also attend any number of focused courses, workshops and clinics. The ISCE is sponsoring three sessions covering the issues associated with audio system design, whilst Loughborough College and the AETTI are jointly promoting a series of courses which offer those interested in theatre a chance to work towards BTEC certification. Also featuring for the first time are PLASA Clinics, where visitors can get practical advice on how to find their way around some of the key issues concerning Health & Safety, Employment Law, Freelancing, Technical Standards, Recruitment, Small Business Links and Financial Advice.

Full details of the masterclass and seminar programme can be found at If you wish to attend any, send a cheque made payable to Clarion Events to: PLASA Masterclasses & Training Sessions, The White Lodge, Magna Carta Lane, Wraysbury, Middlesex TW19 5A, UK. Please state clearly which seminars you wish to attend, and indicate the session’s reference number, listed next to the cost. You can also book on-line by following the link above.

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