Inter BEE 2023 takes place15-17 November at Makuhari Messe, Tokyo
Japan - A significant highlight at this year’s Inter BEE will be the presence of Brompton Technology, featured on the stands of partners including Ark Ventures Inc., AOTO Electronics, Sony Marketing Inc., Ikegami, d&b audiotechnik, and Restar Communications Corporation. Notably, the team from Ark Ventures will introduce Brompton’s TrueLight technology for the first time in Asia.
As well as TrueLight, which enables full per-pixel calibration and control of the light spectrum emitted by an LED panel with a broader spectral output by utilising extra emitters in addition to the standard RGB format, Brompton’s partners will also present other leading Tessera features, such as Frame Remapping, that are utilised by some of the world’s most renowned broadcast studios.
"At Inter BEE, Ark Ventures will showcase state-of-the-art technologies from Brompton and other manufacturers, including TrueLight, Robotic Arm, Real-Time Tracking, disguise media servers, and other innovative technologies. Our focus will be on catering to VP studios and immersive spaces, allowing us to demonstrate our expertise as cutting-edge technology system integrators," says Shinya Tanigawa, COO at Ark Ventures.
“Our booth design is divided into three areas and will incorporate TrueLight technology assets,” adds Tanigawa. “We’re also planning to host daily presentations on TrueLight throughout the show between 15-17 November.”
The panels that will demonstrate the power of TrueLight technology at the Ark Ventures booth are the ROE Visual CB5 Mark II, all driven by Brompton's 4K Tessera SX40 in conjunction with Tessera XD 10G data distribution units, as well as Tessera S8 LED processors. Additionally, the panels have been calibrated with Brompton’s Hydra advanced measurement system to enable a suite of useful features via Dynamic Calibration technology, making them Brompton HDR-ready.
Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., meanwhile, will join hands with several industry giants at the show, including Toei Tokyo and Koto Electric Group, to present professional solutions for virtual filming and content production. AOTO will also be represented through its partners Tokushu-eizai, TV Asahi Japan, ASK Corporation, and Japan Cinematography Directors' Association, who all leverage AOTO’s intelligent LED solutions, powered by Brompton LED processing.
“At Inter BEE 2023, our focus will be on explaining how our cutting-edge technology can significantly enhance xR/VP workflows. We are excited to be in collaboration with a multitude of industry partners during this event and beyond,” notes Max Wang, sales manager at AOTO Electronics.
Sony will use Inter BEE as a platform to showcase its Crystal LED Verona to the Japanese market for the first time. Specially developed for virtual production applications and catering to the market’s demand for background LEDs for In-Camera VFX (ICVFX) for drama, cinema, commercial filming, music video and other types of creative productions, the new LED panels, powered by Brompton’s Tessera LED processors, feature a number of innovations, including a newly developed Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology.
Ikegami has partnered with disguise for this year's Inter BEE 2023 tradeshow. In addition to featuring their respective equipment which includes specialised cameras, image processing, and transmission equipment for Ikegami, and media server hardware for disguise, the companies will also showcase a large video wall made up of ROE Visual LED panels driven by Brompton’s 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor.
Brompton’s Tessera LED processors will also feature on the d&b audiotechnik booth at the show. Supplied by Japan’s AV integrator, Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (AVC), the processors will drive an LED wall comprising ROE Visual Ruby C2.3 LED panels, which will be part of the large demo room space called d&b Soundscape where the team will host regular sessions focussing on immersive audio.
Other partner Restar Communications Corporation will showcase Tessera LED processors integrated within their product setups, presenting the latest innovations in the content business from both Japan and overseas.
“In addition to being featured on the stands of our industry partners Ikegami, Restar Communications Corporation, and d&b audio, at this year’s Inter BEE 2023, we will also conduct several PR and social media activations during the show. Furthermore, we are planning to organise walk-around tours for disguise customers to visit our partner stands three times per day during the show. These tours will serve not only to promote disguise but also to discuss the latest products from the companies we co-operate with, such as ROE Visual and Brompton Technology,” says Tsuyoshi Mitera, head of Japan at disguise.
“We’re thrilled to join our industry partners at Inter BEE and present our latest offerings in LED video processing to show visitors. In particular, we’re excited about the debut of our TrueLight technology in Asia,” concludes Elijah Ebo, director of APAC Operations at Brompton. “Whether you represent a company in broadcasting, film and video production, or content production in general, make sure to mark your calendar for Inter BEE 2023.”

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