Meyer Sound powers extensive ACC upgrade
Monday, 24 August 2020
adelaideconventioncentre1The Adelaide Convention Centre features more than 20,000sq.m of multi-purpose space
Australia - Recognised as one of the world’s most flexible and technologically advanced meeting facilities, the Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) in South Australia recently completed an AU$397m redevelopment which included a major overhaul of the venue’s audio systems.
The loudspeakers and associated processing were augmented or completely replaced with new Meyer Sound systems in seven halls, including the addition of Lyon line arrays for the ACC’s largest configurable space. When combined with existing inventories, this latest round of investments brings the total Meyer Sound loudspeaker count up to 270, making ACC the largest single-site user of Meyer Sound systems in Australia.
In addition to the 20 Lyon line array loudspeakers and accompanying eight 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements, the latest additions also include 65 Ultra-X40 compact loudspeakers and 10 900-LFC elements. For networkable drive and optimisation, the project included the integration of five each of Galaxy 816 and Galaxy 408 Network Platforms and, for comprehensive monitoring via the network, two RMServer.
“We’re committed to delivering a premium experience across all client touchpoints,” comments Simon Burgess, general manager, Adelaide Convention Centre. “Our ongoing investment in the latest technology - specifically our sound systems - has enabled us to continue to elevate the quality of our production as well as create greater efficiencies for our team.”
Matthew Stanton, the venue’s technology services manager, adds, “We’ve been using Meyer Sound systems for nearly a quarter century. We’ve found their systems to be both reliable and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit for our venue. The latest upgrades have enabled us to further expand the flexible, self-powered ecosystem we’ve been building in recent years.”
The new Lyon arrays reside in the ACC’s central building, where they can be flown in different configurations and orientations to cover the facility’s largest single open space, a combination of three separable halls (F, G and H) covering 5,600 square meters. The Lyon-W wide coverage versions were chosen to allow flexibility for setting stages in either wide or narrow room orientations.
The new complement of 65 Ultra-X40 loudspeakers will be spread widely around the venue, serving in both permanently mounted and portable capacities either as mains in small to mid-size rooms, or as fill or delay systems in the largest halls.
“While our existing Meyer Sound UPA-1Cs had proven reliable over the decades, our upgrade to the Ultra-X40 has provided additional functionality. The new box is lighter and easier to handle with more output. What it delivers for its size and weight is truly impressive,” notes Stanton.
Another innovative Meyer Sound solution provides controlled coverage in the glass-enclosed Gilbert Suite, where distributed overhead sound is supplied by discreet MM-4XP miniature self-powered loudspeakers, augmented by directional podium sound from two UP-4slim loudspeakers and deep bass from two MM-10XP miniature subwoofers. The ACC also retains its inventory of 32 M’elodie line array loudspeakers and 12 500-HP subwoofers.
Audio Brands Australia, Meyer Sound’s distributor for the country, played a key coordinating role with the factory in California during the design and optimisation phases, with technical sales and business development manager Owen Ironside serving as lead liaison alongside company director Don McConnell. The PA tender was awarded to the local Adelaide dealer, AJ Sound.
“As the largest single-site installation of Meyer Sound products in Australia, the Adelaide Convention Centre serves as a showcase of Meyer Sound’s advanced technologies,” comments Owen Ironside.
(Jim Evans)

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