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the-one-3Nexo arrays reinforce trio of China nightclubs
Wednesday, 8 August 2018

China - Top Plot International has landed a trio of nightclub audio installations in China, all featuring the Nexo STM Series modular line array system.
The projects use the STM Series modular line array, sets of M46 mains and B112 bass modules together with S118 subs. The STM Series main PA is supplemented by a secondary PS10 and PS15 system, and both are powered by racks of NXAMP4x4 amplifiers.
In Guangzhou, in Guangdong Province, The One Club is a large dance club in a warehouse-style setting that blends the appeal of a high-energy nightclub with a modern lounge. Meeting the technical specifications and other requirements to invite top DJs, The One Club has played host to world-class names like DJ Slushii, Adam Trigger, Wolfpack, Diego Miranda, Rehab, JP Candella, Tujamo, Tommy Walker and Timmy, with more slated to come.
The main dancefloor system uses three sets of M46+B112 STM modules per side, with 6x S118 subbass cabinets. A total of 28x PS Series loudspeakers and 20 LS18 subs are distributed around the venue. With high ceilings, spacious seating, central dancefloor and excellent air-conditioning, the venue also has a 300sq.m outdoor patio equipped with Nexo PS Series, where it can accommodate private parties and corporate functions.
In Jilin Province, 3000 km away, the opening of D.PARK brings a new level of nightclub entertainment to the city of Changchun. Top Plot International has installed the STM Series 6-set system, with clusters of M46+B112 left and right of the large DJ booth. Six STM S118 subs are ground-stacked along the f

st-nicholas-1Effects Unlimited opts for Community
Monday, 6 August 2018

USA - Effects Unlimited has recently completed the design and installation of a new sound system based around Community E Series column line source and point source loudspeaker systems for St. Nicholas Church in Wilkes-Barre.
St. Nicholas has been a landmark of the Wyoming Valley since the 1850s and the current neo-gothic church with its high vaulted ceilings and reflective surfaces was completed in 1887.
St. Nicholas turned to audio specialist Effects Unlimited to design a system that would deliver high intelligibility and complete coverage in the acoustically challenging space. Specialising in installation, as well as rental and live production services, Effects Unlimited is one of the largest providers of audio visual systems in the region.
Effects Unlimited designed the system using Community E Series loudspeakers, chosen for their audio quality, reliability and well controlled dispersion that allowed excellent coverage for the congregation, while substantially avoiding reflective surfaces.
The main system comprises six full-range ENT-FR high performance column line source loudspeakers. Its elegant slim profile also provided a good aesthetic solution that merged well with the church's interior architecture.
Six ENT206B compact column point source loudspeakers and four D SERIES DS5 high output, high quality surface mount loudspeakers provide additional coverage and fill, and two VLF208B dual 8-inch subwoofers extend the low frequency for warmth and music quality.
The system is controlled by QSC Q-SYS, with a TouchMix-8 digital

flea-bazaar-cafe-interiorHarman solution for the Flea Bazaar Café
Friday, 3 August 2018

India - Munro Acoustics recently deployed an end-to-end Harman Professional Solutions audio system at the Flea Bazaar Café in the Lower Parel district of Mumbai.
Owned and operated by Impresario Group, the 7,000sq.ft café features 13 separate restaurants, a marketplace for local lifestyle brands and a bar that serves local beers and craft cocktails. The Flea Bazaar Café also includes a community performance venue that hosts stand-up comedy, plays, DJs and live music, and more. The space features a customised pulley mechanism that can quickly lift the tables and chairs to the ceiling and create extra space for audiences, as well as a van that serves as the DJ booth.
Impresario Group hired long-time audio partner Munro Acoustics to design an audio system that would complement the aesthetic of the Flea Bazaar Café and deliver even sound coverage in the highly reverberant venue. Munro selected a complete Harman sound reinforcement system comprised of JBL VRX line array speakers, JBL SCS Spatially Cued Surround loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and dbx digital signal processors.
“Integrating the system in a highly-morphable space such as Flea Bazaar Café was quite challenging,” says Kapil Thirwani, partner, Munro Acoustics. “We worked with the architects to make the subwoofers an integral part of the stage. The DJ plays through a van and we created a plug and play provision to disconnect the DJ van when not in use to free up the space for gigs.
“The venue was highly reverberant, and we faced some initial hiccups due to the complexity of

st-johns-cathedral4L-Acoustics solution for St John's Cathedral
Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Australia - With soaring ceilings, cavernous naves, and smooth surfaces of stone or stained glass, cathedrals can present unique acoustics challenges. St John's Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia is no exception, having been bestowed the distinction of having one of the longest reverb times for a chapel in the southern hemisphere, ringing in at a whopping 7.2 seconds - delightful for Gregorian chants or pealing bells, but a sound reinforcement conundrum.
The solution was an L-Acoustics distributed 5XT system, installed in November 2017, which has since been providing the congregation with crystal-clear audio at the renowned Brisbane landmark, while preserving the architectural integrity and beauty of the heritage-listed structure.
St John’s Cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of Brisbane, which was created in 1859. Built as a mixture of French and English Victorian Gothic Revival styles, it boasts the only fully stone-vaulted ceiling in Australia. Adding to the reflective surfaces, the cathedral's internal walls are built of sandstone from Helidon, west of Brisbane.
“The interior is long and has some very excitable frequencies that occur in the strangest of places. It is stone-vaulted and there is nothing anywhere to absorb or diffuse the sound other than people and some timber carving,” explains Gerry Gavros.
“The new system also had to cater for the many different modes they run the cathedral in, with various congregation sizes and seating locations and orientations,” adds Gavros. “There are side chapels, altar areas, cho

moulin-rouge-2-lamp-pf-moulin-rouge-dduguetDiGiCo S21 in cabaret at Moulin Rouge
Wednesday, 1 August 2018

France - Paris cabaret venue Moulin Rouge has invested in two DiGiCo S21s purchased through DiGiCo’s French distributor DV2.
The historic venue, based in Paris’ Pigalle district, opened on 6 October 1889 boasting chic interiors, large dance floor and picturesque garden resplendent with a large elephant statue.
In the spring of 2018, Paris sales and installation company Synoptic Broadcast provided the S21s - one as the main console and one as a backup - at the request of Moulin Rouge sound engineer, Bruno Ravary, who wanted to replace the existing desks with a compact format console that would fit into the amount of space available.
“I decided to change to DiGiCo simply because I went to a concert where a friend was using an SD10 and I liked the sound,” explains Ravary. “But we’ve also worked with the SD9 and SD11 for the recording of a TV Show, so we are familiar with the brand and for me there is no comparison with other product in terms of quality, size and price.”
Used for the Féerie, a show that features a troupe of 80 artists, including 60 Doriss Girls who wear 1000 traditional costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, the S21 uses around 25 inputs and 15 outputs, and is plugged in to an Andiamo audio interface running in MADI.
“It’s a real pleasure to work on a S21,” adds Ravary. “We can work quickly and easily. It’s also great to have a DiGiCo UB MADI for when we want to do recordings.”
But what has really struck Bruno is the notable improvement in sound rendering.
“From the in

adlib-amg-bristol-academy-2z9c9785largeNew sound installation at O2 Academy Bristol
Wednesday, 1 August 2018

UK - O2 Academy Bristol is the latest Academy Music Group (AMG) venue to receive a complete new audio system design, specification and installation in conjunction with Liverpool-based Adlib.
Academy Music Group’s divisional manager, Helen McGee and O2 Academy Bristol’s technical manager, Mickey Spillane worked with Adlib’s John Hughes and Roger Kirby to specify an L-Acoustics Kara PA system.
The final design was based on offering all visiting artists a high specification, in-house system, as with other recent new audio installations within the group.
The main auditorium, at 24m wide and 14m deep, has an audience area split over two levels. The balcony, while offering excellent vantage points for a standing audience, places them relatively close to the stage, making this an interesting space to fill evenly with sound.
The positioning of the main PA arrays was revised with the assistance of UK Rigging, commissioned to co-ordinate the installation of new steelwork in the roof, optimising the weight loading and bringing the main left and right arrays in to around 11m apart, which is a lot closer together than the original PA hangs.
These main hangs each comprise of seven L-Acoustics Kara speakers in optimum positions to cover the downstairs audience, along with low frequency support from four SB18’s - two hung at the top of each KARA array.
Eight SB28 Subs, configured four a side, have been positioned beneath the main hangs and set into the stage, allowing prime arrangement without any compromise to audience stage sight-l

princessGolden Princess sets sail with Martin by Harman
Monday, 30 July 2018

USA - Harman Professional Solutions recently equipped Princess Cruises Golden Princess with a full complement of Martin by Harman lighting fixtures.
Golden Princess is a grand-class cruise ship accommodating 2,600 passengers and 1,100 crew members. In addition to a main atrium, guest rooms, formal dining rooms, high-end restaurants, swimming pools, children’s recreation areas and a miniature golf course, the Golden Princess features multiple live entertainment venues.
The 1000-capacity Princess Theatre and two intimate show lounges host a wide range of live events including musical performances, Voice of the Ocean talent shows and major original productions including several created in partnership with Stephen Schwartz - Oscar, Tony and Grammy award-winning composer of Wicked, Pippin and Godspell.
Princess Cruises recently decided to update the ship’s lighting systems with new state-of-the-art lighting rigs. Derrin Brown, manager of production operations at Princess Cruises, consulted lighting designers Kelly Easterling, Eric Wade, Mathew Tunchon and Jack Mehler for guidance and support while planning the new lighting system. After careful consideration, Princess Cruises hired Silver Bullet Projects to install a full array of Martin by Harman lighting fixtures.
“Our previous lighting rig had seen its fair share of voyages and it was time for a major upgrade,” admits Brown.
Productions and events in the Vista and Explorer lounges benefit from the fully pre-mixed colours of MAC Aura XB LED wash fixtures

robe-stockholmsmaessan-sto161007155Stockholm congress centre chooses Robe
Monday, 30 July 2018

Sweden - Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre (Stockholmsmässan) is a expo and conference facility in Älvsjö comprising four halls, the longest of which stretches 365m, and a busy schedule of events.
The venue owns a substantial amount of rigging and production technology and has a full-time staff of 25 riggers, overseen - together with crew from all the other technical departments - by head of production Fredrik Zetterberg.
Over the last two years Stockholmsmässan has invested in 48 Robe moving lights - 36 x VIVAs and 12 x DL4S profiles, specified by Fredrik.
When he took up the post six years ago, his predecessor had identified the need for and had made the first steps towards purchasing their own moving lights to give them a fully flexible in-house lighting rig to support the diversity of shows and events being staged.
Fredrik followed through on this and specified that these should be Robe. His choice of brand was based on his many years’ experience of touring.
The first thing he actually did once appointed at the venue was to buy a substantial amount of trussing and ensure that a comprehensive rigging infrastructure was in place, after which they started looking at the best options for lighting.
Fredrik and his team used the 2016 LLB expo (a trade show for audio, video and lighting), as an opportunity to light the main bar area with a selection of different Robe fixtures, giving the chance to see and try out a few options in situ.
From this, a more refined moving light wish-list emerged which had an

harmantottenhamwideshotHarman official audio supplier for Spurs’ new stadium
Thursday, 26 July 2018

UK - Harman Professional Solutions has been selected as the official audio supplier for Tottenham Hotspur FC at its new stadium.
The Premier League football club will soon be moving to its new 62,000-capacity home, which features a retractable pitch, cutting-edge video screens, a museum and club shop. To deliver an enhanced audio experience, Tottenham Hotspur has selected an integrated Harman Professional audio solution made up of JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification, and a Soundcraft digital mixing console.
The installation includes 156 JBL VLA-C2100 loudspeakers, 54 JBL VLA-C125 subwoofers, 196 JBL AWC82 all-weather loudspeakers, 140 Crown DriveCore Install amplifiers, and more than 3,500 JBL Control Contractor speakers installed across the facility. Audio will be mixed on a Soundcraft Vi2000 digital console and monitored via JBL LSR 305 reference monitors.
Matthew Collecott, operations & finance director at Tottenham Hotspur, comments: “Harman Professional Solutions is an industry-leading provider of world-class audio solutions, and we are pleased to announce them as the official audio supplier for our new stadium.”
Chris Smith, vice-president (EMEA) Harman Professional Solutions, adds: “Tottenham Hotspur is one of the most historic and prestigious clubs in football, and Harman Professional Solutions is honoured to provide a cutting-edge audio solution at their incredible new stadium. Leveraging our industry-leading experience in delivering enterprise-level solutions at sports facilities, we are uniquely positioned

gdsGDS fixtures in Piccadilly Theatre refurbishment
Wednesday, 25 July 2018

UK - The Piccadilly Theatre in London’s West End opened in 1928 as one of the largest theatres in London. In 2017, it underwent a major refurbishment, aimed at enhancing many of its original features using modern technology, as well as meeting modern sustainability targets.
Theatre owners Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) wanted to completely replace the Piccadilly Theatre’s existing house light system with low-energy LED lighting, without detracting in any way from the theatre’s Art Deco heritage. This was to include emergency lighting throughout as well as provision for the recently restored dome ceiling, including new centre-piece chandelier. Integrator White Light was engaged to install the new system.
GDS supplied products from across its entire range to meet this extensive brief, including a number of bespoke special project items that avoided any compromise within the design.
In excess of 50 x ArcSystem 1 Cell 2700K (large and small) fixtures were used for downlighting and emergencies, whilst more than 25 x ArcLamp Golf Ball Clear 2700K were installed as wall lighting.
ArcSystem Decor LED strip (white and RGBW) was used throughout to light the dome, coving and rear windows.
The ATG Group, following GDS’s recommendation, asked top designer James Morse to design a new central chandelier that would sit well with the other Art Deco luminaires within the auditorium. Morse designed a large, three-tiered chandelier which met the brief to ATG’s satisfaction and Great British Lighting of Fleetwood duly fabricated the finished item.<

stage-electricsStage Electrics supplies De Montfort University
Monday, 16 July 2018

UK - De Montfort University in Leicester has recently undergone a major investment in their lighting and staging capabilities for one of their largest on-site facilities, The Venue. With the help of Stage Electrics, the university now possesses more trussing and some of the most up-to-date lighting kit available.
Created to host a wide range of events, The Venue is often used for music events, conference work, performances, and celebrations. As the university hold all their graduation ceremonies here, they can now give each graduate the moment in the spotlight they deserve.
The university has invested £5 into transforming the building. After installing a number of improvements including retractable bleacher-style seating and a full sound rig, they have now added the lighting equipment to truly showcase the capabilities of this space.
Stage Electrics were approached by the university to supply lighting and truss. “We have a long history with this client, so we were thrilled when they got in touch with us to upgrade their lighting and truss solutions” explained Andy Elsegood, Stage Electrics account manager “Knowing this particular venue is multipurpose I knew the client would require a very flexible solution.”
With lighting being a key part of this project, Andy arranged for the client to see a range of Chauvet fixtures. “The client already had several fixtures from Chauvet installed and were looking to add Hybrid type units to their rig, we worked with them to evaluate the options available” he commented.
Simon Cox, Cha

borough-marketBorough Market joins Unique Venues of London
Monday, 9 July 2018

UK - Unique Venues of London has announced Borough Market as the newest member to join the association that this year sees it celebrating its 25th anniversary.
Borough Market is London’s oldest food market. The venue spaces are situated within the market itself, with the Market Hall and Three Crown Square offering event environments that can hold between 300 and 350 guests. Additionally, the Cookhouse offers delegates an open plan kitchen and dining space for intimate gatherings of up to 10 people, suitable for sit down evening events and photoshoots.
Rachel Pickles, events manager at Borough Market explains: “It’s not just the sheer quality of the food on offer that makes Borough Market special – it’s also about the place itself. As an iconic central London location and a distinctive venue space, Borough Market is thrilled to become members of UVL. We’re hoping this new relationship will enable us to extend our reach and with new networks to tap into we look forward to what the future holds.”
(Jim Evans)

theatreInspiring the future of theatre
Friday, 6 July 2018

UK - Inspiring the Future of Theatre is a Society of London Theatres and UK Theatre campaign in partnership with Education & Employers, to showcase the range of careers available in theatre to young people, and encourage and strengthen connections between schools and their local theatres.
A drive was launched in April to recruit industry ambassadors (particularly from off-stage roles) who will be matched with schools across the UK, taking part in events to lay the groundwork for young people to make informed and ambitious career decisions.
Industry professionals (no matter the job type or level) can sign up to be an ambassador. It is a straightforward process, and you will receive guidance and support from the campaign ahead of your school visit.
Already around 600 theatre professionals from artistic directors, costume cutters and lighting designers to producers, administrators and props masters have signed up to visit UK schools and introduce children to a diverse range of theatrical jobs.
On 11 July, the campaign is being officially launched with an event at a school in Scarborough. There will also be a nationwide social media campaign, with arts venues and industry professionals encouraged to use the hashtag #InspiringFutureTheatre to talk about the importance of theatre careers and education work, and share work they have already done.
(Jim Evans)

hsl-hope-mill-theatre-hop011509197-photo-by-louise-sticklandHSL steps up commitment to Hope Mill
Monday, 11 June 2018

UK - HSL, technical partner for Hope Mill Theatre, has updated the lighting rig of the Manchester production space with a number of profile, Fresnel and flood fixtures.
Hope Mill Theatre, an alternative arts production space based at a former Victorian cotton mill in Ancoats, partnered with HSL two years ago. HSL undertook a structural survey followed by the design and installation of a trussing mother grid in the roof.
While an assortment of lighting kit has been supplied over the last two years, this this has now been reviewed and updated to include a standard rig of ETC Source Four profiles, 1K Fresnels, and Acclaim Fresnels together with a variety of floods.
Moving lights and other specials will be supplied as required by the individual productions. The original mothergrid has also just been extended with some new sections, giving more capacity for the quick and simple addition of specials.
Hope Mill Theatre is the brainchild of Joseph Houston and Will Wheton, working with producer and co-artistic director Katy Lipson of Aria Entertainment. The 120-seat theatre can be set up to accommodate shows in different formats, and recently welcomed its first technical manager, Alice Longson (pictured).
The venue has received three equipment transfers from London already and HSL has vowed to provide “more and a wider range” of lighting equipment for the forthcoming season and the future.
Hope Mill’s next big musical number in the autumn will be the Andrew Lloyd Webber's Aspects of Love.
(Jim Evans)

agm-snapshotPLASA Members’ Day and AGM celebrates unity and growth
Tuesday, 5 June 2018

UK - The PLASA 2018 Members’ Day and AGM took place on Thursday 31 May at the Royal College of Physicians in Regent’s Park, London to reflect upon a year of specialist projects, industry collaboration and growth.
Members and guests enjoyed a productive day with an insightful AGM, followed by a networking afternoon in the venue’s unique ‘physic’ garden. The lively guest speaker, Caroline Russell from The Ideas Centre Group, encouraged audience participation with her creative approach to problem-solving, then attendees were invited to stay for drinks into the evening.
PLASA Treasurer Mark Surtees presented the 2017 accounts and announced that PLASA is in a place of financial stability, highlighting an increase in profits due to commercial growth within Events and Media. Newly elected Chair, Adam Blaxill, added later that all profits funnel back into the Association, enabling PLASA to generate and implement more initiatives to directly benefit its members and the wider industry.
Managing Director Peter Heath described how the last 12 months has been ever-changing and that PLASA has been proactive in connecting and collaborating with its members. Blaxill bolstered this by encouraging members to get involved with the Association’s activities and work within specialist groups if they feel they have something to offer. Both Blaxill and Heath also noted that although Brexit is looming PLASA has continued to reach out to European members to help unify the industry and raise working standards.
There were several presentations f

musikkontorsmMusik Kontor gets revamp with Chauvet
Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Germany - Christian von Kaphengst, Till Brönner, Wolfgang Haffner, Torsten Goods, Bruno Müller and Ida Nielsen are just some of the well-known German and international artists to have graced the stage at Musik Kontor in Herford – a high-profile club that has been making waves on the Nordrhein-Westfalen music scene since opening its doors in 2012.
Looking to stay on the cutting edge of entertainment, the club recently updated its visual presentation with a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures. Emphasising movement, intensity and vivid colours, the new lighting package includes Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, with Amhaze Whisper foggers added for atmospherics.
“We arrived at a point earlier this year when we decided it was time to inject more feeling into live performances with a set of dedicated moving heads,” said Musik Kontor’s Christian Eder. “The combination of the Chauvet Rogue and Amhaze fixtures provided our designers with the opportunity to create a wide array of immersive looks on stage.”
The Rogue R1 Spot fixtures are also very effective at pumping up excitement with aerial effects and engaging the crowd with audience lighting. “In their first appearance at the Ida Nielsen concert in March (Ida Nielsen was the last bass player of Prince), the sharp beams and cutting movements of the Rogues were able to impress both band and audience,” commented Eder. “Thanks to their versatile palette of saturated colors, the beams have had a truly transformative effect upon the atmosphere within the club.”
To provide additional

twintownsproject07pressTwin Towns switches on spectacular lightshow
Friday, 18 May 2018

Australia - The first in Australia and one of the most spectacular border lighting shows in the southern hemisphere has been launched by Twin Towns as they unveil their new dynamic digital media facade.
The exterior of the Twin Towns Club’s main building in Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, has been transformed into a huge digital canvas, creating a dazzling attraction for both locals and tourists crossing the Queensland and New South Wales border.
The ULA Group was engaged in this project from the early concepts, working close together with the team at Twin Towns, managed by CEO Rob Smith.
Smith has said he and the Board are extremely excited to see the project come to fruition. “It’s been over five years in the planning and we believe the end result is truly spectacular, not just for Twin Towns, but for the entire community.”
“We’re thrilled, we’re excited. We have turned the vision into a technical reality, and we couldn’t be happier with the result,” says Cuono Biviano, managing director of the ULA Group. “We feel extremely privileged and proud as a local Australian business and global organization to be a part of this iconic digital artwork that has transformed Twin Towns and the local area.”
The original brief was given in early years with the intention for projection and colour onto the building. However, as technology has advanced over time, the project has evolved immensely.
The ULA Group engaged the services of the Bruce Ramus and his team to not only create the content, but to assure that the technical d

1oak-tokyo-full-permissions-03241Oak Tokyo opens with major d&b installation
Friday, 18 May 2018

Japan - Having expanded from its flagship venue in New York City, 1Oak, which stands for 1 Of A Kind, has recently opened a three-floor, 1000-capacity venue at the base of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.
Sacha Robertson reports, “At the heart of the 1Oak approach is a focus on differentiation through design and function, capturing and curating the energy in each club. Interior design and lighting combine to play a major part, but ultimately that energy has its origin in sound.”
When it came to choices for the Tokyo venue, the interior design process was led by New York-based contemporary artist Roy Nachum, who was Grammy-nominated in 2016 for his cover artwork on Rihanna’s Anti album. With the club interior complete and the opening date fast approaching, 1Oak engaged the local d&b team to design and implement the all-important sound system.
1Oak owner Salvatore Morale says: “As a DJ I appreciate sound. At around the same time we were building the club I had started to notice that in all the places I visited around the world and heard great sound, whether that was a big festival, a hotel bar or an opera house, I was seeing d&b speakers. This was a clear sign for me.”
As with 1Oak clubs around the world, the latest Tokyo venue is not simply a nightclub. Founder Richie Akiva’s vision is that of an entertainment venue; an inspiring space capable of hosting live music, launches, premieres, after-parties and VIP events. Versatility without compromise underpins the business model.
Central to 1Oak Tokyo’s layout is a d&

neutriklogo-topNew Neutrik range offers outdoor protection
Monday, 14 May 2018

Europe - In the field of outdoor event and broadcast production, adverse climate and other environmental conditions can impact negatively on the performance of equipment and the ultimate quality of production work.
Environmentally sealed connectors are in great demand for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications with entertainment equipment like PA systems, lighting, signage and LED screens. So, for critical production applications, in the most challenging conditions, there is now a range of resilient and reliable solutions, in the shape of Neutrik’s new TOP product range.
The new series includes the powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR products, which have been certified in accordance with IEC 61076-2-103, IEC 60320, UL 1977 and UL 498, and which now also meet the requirements for outdoor use and UV resistance as laid out in UL50E.
“It is now possible to find products on the market that provide protection only against moisture and precipitation. The sun and ultraviolet rays are, in our view, also an important factor because they too influence the material and product quality over time,” says Norbert Nachbauer, product manager at Neutrik AG.
(Jim Evans)

eventbritebanner-ecodesignPLASA gains seat on EU Commission for Eco-Design
Tuesday, 24 April 2018

UK - PLASA has been invited as one of six European Associations to attend the upcoming EU Commission meeting to address the proposed updates to the Eco-Design Working Plan 2016-2019 that would require all stage lighting to meet efficiency targets in line with domestic and office lighting. The proposed changes to the Eco-Design lighting regulations would have a commercially devastating effect on the industry should it become legislation in 2020.
“The impact this law would have on the whole entertainment industry is huge: venues, manufacturers, rental companies, and indeed lighting designers would be greatly affected,” says PLASA's MD, Peter Heath. “Video projection has been granted an exemption - this is what we and other trade bodies are now pushing for - the same exemption for stage lighting.”
Adam Bennette of ETC will represent the interest of PLASA members at a meeting in Brussels on 17th May. The meeting will address the EU’s proposed Eco-Design changes and give representatives of affected parties an opportunity to request exemption.
Adam Blaxhill, PLASA’s Chairman and the director of Stage Electrics, comments: “In drafting these new regulations, they have clearly not considered the impact they will have on the entertainment industry. Venues, rental companies, and sales operations all have significant sums invested in lighting inventory, which will be devalued by these proposed regulations - the financial impact on the entertainment industry is potentially huge.’’
All sectors of the entertainment industry are urg

bradford-live-view-from-city-park-tim-ronalds-architectsFurther funding secured for Bradford music venue
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - The transformation of the vacant former Bradford Odeon cinema into a 4,000-capacity live music, entertainment and events venue has been further bolstered with an extra £4m confirmed from the Government’s Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund. The funding has been secured by the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.
The 1930s cinema has been vacant since 2000. The redevelopment will be one of the biggest of its type in the country outside of London and will bring Bradford back on the national touring circuit.
The venue, due to be run by NEC Group International, will aim to put on around 225 events to more than 270,000 people every year, creating 50 jobs in the city. The project is being led by a not-for-profit social enterprise, Bradford Live, assisted by Bradford Council.
Programme manager, Kirsten Branston from Bradford Live, said: “We would like to thank all those who backed the bid which has benefited from cross party support, in particular the efforts of Bradford Council and Bradford’s MPs. The redevelopment of this iconic building will be a magnificent legacy project for the Great Exhibition of the North.”
Phil Mead, managing director for Arenas and NEC Group International, added: “This is a project already generating a huge amount of excitement and goodwill – both as a building with tremendous history in its own right but also as a flagship investment that will help deliver a fantastic new venue for the city and support Bradford’s on-going regeneration as a vibrant, thriving destination. This latest funding news

plymouthYamaha training visits dBs Music in Plymouth
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - Yamaha Commercial Audio UK has a key commitment to training the sound engineers of the future. One of the ways that the company achieves this is through taking training ‘on the road’ to education facilities around the UK. BA (Hons) Live Sound degree students at the Plymouth campus of dBs Music have been the latest to benefit from a session, provided by Yamaha’s Tom Rundle and Chris Irvine.
Founded in 1998, dBs Music provides a range of professional sound courses, aimed at students who want to be a DJ, composer, performer, producer, a live or studio engineer. The Live Sound degree course started in September 2017, with the emphasis very much on practical experience.
dBs has invested in a Yamaha CL5 digital console, plus Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D I/O units, for the course. To give the Live Sound degree students a more comprehensive rundown on Yamaha’s digital mixing systems, Tom and Chris travelled to Plymouth with QL5, TF5 and TF3 consoles, a second CL5, plus DXR10 loudspeakers and headphones.
“An important part of our Live Sound degree is guest lectures and technical presentations to enhance the curriculum, allowing students to see the latest technologies and to network with audio professionals and subject experts,” says course leader Jim Parsons.
“We have a long relationship with Yamaha Commercial Audio and it was an excellent next step to get an expert like Tom to explain the more complex aspects of our CL5, as well as demonstrating other consoles in Yamaha’s digital range.”
Tom led the day with a series of practi

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Creative Funding - Arts Council England has launched a £14.4m fund for research and development projects. The money will be made available to individual artists and practitioners, “without the immediate pressure of showing their work publicly”. Recipients of the Developing Your Creative Practice fund will be able to use the grants – of between £2,000 and £10,000 each – to support periods of research, develop new ideas, international work and training, networking or mentoring.
Arts Council chair Nicholas Serota comments: “Every creative person needs time to breathe, to broaden their experience and to develop their ideas. We want all our arts organisations to continue to commission and present new work from a diverse range of artists but we also need to invest in the future. This fund will give creative talent of different ages from different backgrounds the time and the backing that they need to hone their work and explore new paths.” The fund has been allocated £3.6 million to be given annually for four years. Applications for the first year of funding will open on 12 April.
Fever Pitch - A new tour of the musical Saturday Night Fever billed as a “big new music and dance spectacular” will open this year. Produced by Bill Kenwright, the musical promises to pay homage to the movie, but with “more drama, more music and hot new choreography”. Cast and creatives for the production have not yet been announced. The tour begins at the New Wimbledon Theatre on 30 August, and will visit venues in places including Liverpo

photo-via-colston-hallColston Hall redevelopment gets green light
Friday, 23 February 2018

UK - Planning permission has been granted for the £48.8m transformation of Bristol’s Colston Hall.
The redevelopment of the venue includes refurbishing its historic facade, remodelling and upgrading the Main Hall and The Lantern, and utilising the Victorian cellars as a third performance space and education suite with classrooms and a technology lab.
Bristol Music Trust, the organisation that runs Colston Hall, and Bristol City Council have selected construction company Willmott Dixon as preferred contractor. Work will start in June and the new Hall is expected to re-open in 2020, with the Foyer set to stay open throughout the transformation.
Louise Mitchell, chief executive of Bristol Music Trust, comments: “Now our plans have been approved we’ve reached the final milestone as we approach the start of the Hall’s transformation. We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of our partners and supporters who have got us to this stage.
“The Hall hasn’t been updated since it opened in the 1950s, so it’s long overdue a transformational refurbishment that will give Bristol and the South West a world class venue to be proud of as we make our detailed plans a reality.”
Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, adds: “Bristol has an internationally-renowned cultural offer, which also makes a major contribution to the local economy. We are really pleased that the Arts Council has committed this funding alongside our own investment and that of other city partners.”
Over £41m has been raised towards the project thro


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