Astera lights Lamborghini launch in Brisbane
Friday, 7 May 2021
astera-lamborghini-hurican-sto-brisbane-launch-dsc6696-eThe Huracán STO was the centre of attention (photo: Matt van Daalen)
Australia - Twenty four Astera AX1 Tubes were utilised by lighting designer Michael Negrao from event technical specialist Scene Change in Brisbane at the Australian launch event for the new Lamborghini Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologata).
Staged at Lamborghini’s Brisbane dealership in Fortitude Valley, the Huracán STO, designed for ‘ultimate driving fun on track and road’, was the centre of attention.
Michael received a “high-level” brief from his client relating to the mood and ambience they wanted to achieve inside and out of the premises, which was added to a budget and Michael’s fund of experience in lighting automotive events giving a free rein in designing what he felt appropriate.
Twelve vertical Astera AX1s were positioned around the car park on stands at the corners of each car space; another six were under the Huracán STO itself in the showroom and the remaining six positioned around the DJ booth.
The AX1s in the car park brought a “smart and futuristic” look to the space explained Michael.
Empty spaces were denoted by AX1s set to a warm white, and as guests parked up, the Titan colour was changed to match the colour of their car.
Once the STO was revealed, all the car park AX1s flipped into alternating blue and orange to match the hero car colour scheme.
The AX1s under the STO were used in conjunction with moving lights and other fixtures on Michael’s showroom lighting rig for the reveal. They provided a sub car glow effect accentuating the accumulating smoke from the fogger placed at the back of the car for the start of the sequence, then became part of a combined strobing effect during the reveal build up, switching to a cool-white post reveal under-car wash for the rest of the evening.
The AX1s surrounding the DJ booth were set to produce random effects before the reveal segueing into a slow blue and orange fade chase afterwards.
The car park AX1s were controlled via AsteraApp on a tablet, with the colour wheel selector proving “very handy” for quick selection of the car colours as they parked up.
The other units were run via a grandMA Dot2 and wireless DMX. All kit was supplied by Scene Change Brisbane.
“Portability and wireless operation were perfect for this application as cable management would have been a nightmare,” stated Michael, adding the AX1 markers in the car park were a novel and well-received surprise.

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