Karoliina Helin - architectural lighting designer
Finland - 3LR Design has announced that renowned architectural lighting and controls designer, Karoliina Helin has joined its international team.
"As a consultant based in Finland, Karoliina will allow 3LR to develop, design and support even more customers and clients in the European Union, the UK, and beyond," says Josh Allen, global director of design for 3LR and co-founder of 3LR Group. "We've had the opportunity to work with Karoliina on multiple projects to date, and her work has always been top-notch. Moving forward, it made perfect sense that she join the Group. Her skills in lighting layouts and presenting lighting data are second to none, and we are excited to have her on board."
"Karoliina's work spans many of the sectors and genres we operate in," says Matt Lloyd, co-founder of the 3LR Group. "She brings to the team a wonderful mixture of design concepts, bespoke light fitting specifications, and lighting simulation modelling and analysis. She does incredible work with the creation of technical lighting design packages. She's such a good fit for the team and an amazing designer, and she will definitely be another key member of the Group."

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