NEXT-proaudio distributors meet in Porto
Tuesday, 22 October 2019
nextSeventy international distribution partners, dealers, customers and designers took part
Portugal - For its 2019 international distribution meeting in Porto, NEXT-proaudio welcomed over 70 international distribution partners, dealers, customers and designers from 18 countries.
This event started with a welcome dinner on 14 October. This was followed by a factory tour, demo presentation on the demo room and LA26 official presentation.
Demos of LA212x, LA122.v2, LA122A and LAm114xA were staged at Multiusos de Guimaraes, a leading arena for international concerts on the north of Portugal.
On 16 October, everybody was welcomed on the NEXT-proaudio facilities again where Powersoft started the day with Armonia presentation based on N-rak (The power rack solution using Powersoft X8 amplifiers). After this, Antonio Correia, R&D director and NEXT-proaudio owner presented the manufacturer’s own software (Soundware, Audio Tool and AST).
“This was a great opportunity for us to show all the delegates our improvements on the facilities, on the products as well as on the team. We were more than happy to receive all these people from different parts of the world, all with the same ambition, to grow NEXT-proaudio worldwide,” said Andre Correia, NEXT-proaudio’s manager.
“It was exciting to see the passion, the enthusiasm of everybody on these two days. We´re proud of our team and the distribution network. We could see our recent LA26 being one of the highlights of the event, with orders of more than 200 units after the meeting. We couldn´t be more satisfied,” Said Sergio Pinto, NEXT-proaudio sales manager.
(Jim Evans)

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