The venue is a cultural and entertainment beacon at the heart of Denmark’s lively second city (photo: Louise Stickland)
Denmark - Aarhus Musikhuset has recently invested in Robe Painte moving lights and TX1 PosiProfiles for three of its halls. The Rhythmic Hall (Rytmisk Sal) also known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall has eight Paintes, the Small Hall (Lille Sal) has seven TX1, with another eight TX1s - four with gobos - for the 1,172-capacity Symphonic Hall (Symfonisk Sal).
The lights were specified by the Musikhuset’s head of lighting Henrik Hambro and his crew, and delivered by Robe’s Danish distributor, Light Partner.
The venue is a cultural and entertainment beacon at the heart of Denmark’s lively second city and stages over 1400 shows and productions annually. Originally opened in 1982, it was substantially expanded in 2007 to over 40,000sq.m of facilities offering seven differently sized and styled performance spaces including the three mentioned above.
A diverse and action-packed programme embraces music, dance, comedy, and all forms of live performance from the experimental to the classical and areas of the Musikhuset are also hired for business and private events.
Henrik has been working there for the last 15 years and runs the lighting department comprising six full time staff, who were all involved in the final decision about which lights to purchase.
The eight Paintes in Rhythmic Hall are providing front light, so high CRI was top of the features wish-list for this, and this space is frequently used for chamber music concerts, so low noise was also important. Henrik likes the punch of the Paintes, the size fits with the lower trim height, and this fixture is also suited for the music and performance genre of this Hall.
In the larger Symphonic Hall, the lighting team wanted to be able to do some creative and funky lighting with colouring and texturing on the ceiling and walls as appropriate, so that’s why eight of the TX1s were delivered with the gobo module.
The intimate 314 seat Small Hall is multipurpose and used for business events, cultural shows, unplugged concerts, lectures, meetings and conferences and sometimes as a cinema - it has a large screen upstage, so the TX1s were a good choice for general lighting.
Aarhus Musikhuset already had 78 x Robe Spiiders in action across different venues, so having had a good experience already over some years, Robe is a brand they will always consider and trust.
Henrik mentions the outstanding service from Light Partner, with whom the Musikhuset has enjoyed a good relationship for many years. “They are great, and totally get that ‘the show must go on’. If we ever have an issue, they will be fixing it immediately or providing a light we can use in the meantime.”

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