Dr. Rajesh Khade (Sonic-Evolution) and Luca Giaroli (DirectOut)
India - DirectOut has announced that Sonic Evolution will be its new official distributor for the Indian market.
"We are very excited about the partnership with Sonic Evolution," says Luca Giaroli, chief solution officer at DirectOut. "This collaboration will allow us to expand our reach in India and bring professional audio solutions to an even wider audience. We are confident that Sonic Evolution, with their passion for audio and commitment, will be a valuable partner.”
"We at Sonic Evolution are excited about the opportunity to serve as the official distributor of DirectOut Technologies in India," said Dr. Rajesh Khade, CEO of Sonic Evolution. "Our team shares DirectOut's passion for world-class audio technology and we look forward to bringing these solutions to a wider market in India. This partnership will allow us to further strengthen our position in the professional audio technology space and provide our customers with world-class service.”

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