ADB wins best debuting product award
Monday, 29 October 2018
art-centric-lighting-showroom-2The ART Centric Lighting line is designed for museum lighting
USA - ADB Stagelight, Claypaky's theatre brand, won the LDI Award for the Best Debuting Product for lighting with its new ART Centric Lighting line for museum lighting.
The judges wrote: “ART Centric Lighting has created a tuneable white light fixture for lighting works of fine art with sensitivity and class. The spot or wash with a CRI of 97 is controllable via Bluetooth, changing the way you’ll look at works of art.”
Simone Capeleto, ADB's CEO, comments: "The basic principle of ART Centric Lighting is to respect the works of art, which become leading players like actors on a stage. It is no coincidence that the small ART Centric Lighting units are true miniaturised theatre lights: they are made by ADB, a well-established company in the theatre world. They are not just luminaires with an elegant, non-invasive design - they are fixtures with professional optical units that generate a high-quality light, which can be modulated.”
(Jim Evans)

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