Senior account executive Jørgen Tharaldsen
Norway - Oslo-based CT Norway enjoyed a successful LLB exhibition in March, its busy booth including a showcase of systems from event and broadcast comms specialist, Green-GO.
LLB (Lyd Lys Bilde or Light Sound Picture), held every two years in Oslo, is a major social event for Norway’s industry, attracting professionals from all over the country. This year, however, following COVID, it returned for the first time since 2019, bringing an added anticipation for all concerned.
Part of the global Creative Technology Group, CT Norway provides audio, lighting, visual and staging technologies and expertise for all kinds of live, virtual and installed environments. It is also the exclusive Norwegian distributor for a number of leading brands, including Green-GO’s range of innovative, Ethernet network-based, digital intercom systems.
As well as making Green-GO technology a centrepiece of their LLB booth, CT Norway also gave a special ‘thank you’ to customers and partners with an after-show party featuring Green-GO systems as a central talking point. Senior account executive Jørgen Tharaldsen says: “The new Green-GO software - now on version five - is always a really popular thing to demonstrate to customers. The dashboard gives a complete system overview, and the drag-and-drop functionality is very useful.”
He adds: “Green-GO is an affordable solution too because it’s so flexible and scalable. You can start to communicate with just two products, and add more users or functionality as the budget allows. System setup is fast and simple, and it’s easy to monitor and to make changes or adapt the system. It suits everything from small, touring productions to large, complex installations.”
Drawing interest was the MCXD multi-channel desk station, along with the BPX (wired) and WBPX (wireless) beltpacks. Also shown was the RDX radio interface - which allows the user to connect radio to the Green-GO network, the Beacon call light, and the Slim Audio Interface 2-Wire (via which existing analogue party-line systems can be integrated into the Green-GO network).
“We sell a lot of wireless technology,” explains Tharaldsen, “and Green-GO’s RDX is very popular, as is the Slim 2-Wire, and indeed anything that can effectively help you to reuse old equipment, such as the customers’ partyline or walkie-talkies. In a time when it’s important to make use of existing equipment, anything that makes that possible is of great value.” LLB returns to Oslo in March 2025.

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