DAS at the Dome (Whitley Bay)
Thursday, 30 March 2000
The Dome in Whiteley Bay has recently installed a new DAS Sound System. The installation was carried out by freelance sound engineer Mickey Ware, in conjunction with Colin Rowell from Arcadia Leisure with equipment supplied by London-based Sensible Music. The main truss featured four RF212s running in conjunction with a pair of Sub18s on the floor, complemented by six RF115 monitors. As a listed building the Dome presented specific problems as Ware explains: "We had to be careful how things were flown, and the shape also posed problems when it came to the acoustics. In order to achieve a real surround feel to the system we used DAS Factor 5 compact monitors around the periphery of the building to act as in-fills. Finally, we used factor 8s in the bar area for playback music and also on the trussing and spot-fills for some dead spots off to the side of the stage."

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