‘The Holophobix teams worked on the sustainability of each piece of the hardware’
Spain - At ISE 2024, Holophonix will debut its new 2.2 software version for all its immersive platforms – including hardware processors, and the Holophonix Native app for macOS – plus a new touring-ready hardware processor, called Holophonix Ultra. The Ultra offers higher performances for real-time spatialisation, with up to 512 inputs and outputs, an embedded touch screen, redundant power supplies, and more. The new Ultra platform also introduces a new scalable licensing model. The new version 2.2 software update is free and will be available on 5 February, 2024, at https://holophonix.xyz/
The Ultra hardware processor – now available for order with deliveries starting in Q2 2024 – features a redesigned chassis machined from aluminium blocks, integrating a powerful and touring-ready hardware configuration tailored for demanding setups.
Featuring ultra-low audio latency and offering scalable I/O expandable up to 512 ins and outs, the new Ultra also features low-noise and enhanced internal airflow, redundant power supplies, and a built-in touchscreen on the front panel. This touchscreen provides instant access to crucial monitoring parameters, including IP addresses, network and performance status, and more. Additionally, the processor is designed to be rack-mounted, for the most challenging touring configurations.
The Holophobix teams worked on the sustainability of each piece of the hardware. The rear panel features Neutrik-housed connectors integrated into the aluminum chassis, including two powerCON mains connectors, three etherCON connectors for remote control and Dante connectivity, as well as Display-Port and USB 3.0 connectors for easy access while servicing.
“The new Holophonix Ultra platform is simply the most advanced and powerful spatialisation processor ever built at the company, and possibly the most powerful available anywhere today. It includes all that our most advanced and challenging users have been asking for, and needing over the past several years,” states Gaetan Byk, founder and CEO of the company.
“The ‘Ultra’ introduces a new scalable licensing model that offers a license-based output count from 16 to 512. Beyond 128 outputs, a free-of-charge hardware upgrade would be necessary, making the Ultra processor ready to process up to 512 physical Dante inputs and outputs,” adds Arthus Touzet, software engineer at Holophonix.
The new Holophonix 2.2 software update features among other improvements, a new design for the Inspector window for a better workflow, and a new ‘dock’ offering quick access to the main features for users. “This new design is more ‘live sound’ oriented, with its new logic and workflow deriving from the live mixing console universe. Again, this new design has been mainly influenced by our users’ requests,” states Clément Vallon, engineer, and product manager at Holophonix.

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