LiX-C Series from Wharfedale Pro
Friday, 8 February 2002
Wharfedale Pro has launched the LiX-C Series. Based on the successful LiX range, the new series offers several new models, as well as cosmetic improvements to existing models.

The LiX-C12x has been designed for enhanced low frequency performance at high output levels. This model, as well as the LiX-C15 and 15M (monitor), feature a purpose-built high frequency compression driver using a specially formed titanium diaphragm with a 50mm voice coil. Also new to the LiX family is the LiX-C18MB (Modular Bass) which is available in two versions for optimum coupling to amplifier types and installation requirements. The LiX-C range also offers a 15" sub and 18" sub with massive motor structures designed to sustain high output over long periods. Understanding that sound systems are often asked to perform beyond their original design parameters, the LiX-C range features Wharfedale’s integral Pro-Tech driver protection system.

(Ruth Rossington)

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