MXL miniature microphones now shipping
Wednesday, 15 July 2020
mxl-microphonesac-44-familyMXL’s AC-44 offers a microphone solution for a range of applications
USA - MXL Microphones is now shipping its AC-44 Miniature USB conferencing microphone to customers around the world, starting 21 July. With a compact footprint, MXL’s AC-44 offers a microphone solution for a range of applications that require pristine audio capture, including web conferencing, telemedicine, huddle spaces, classrooms and more. It can also be incorporated into OEM applications.
“Offering crystal clear speech intelligibility, the AC-44 removes the barriers that unclear audio creates,” says Trevor Fedele, director of sales at MXL Microphones. “In just a short time since announcing the AC-44, the mic has won many prestigious industry awards, taking home ‘Best of Show’ honours in the audio-conferencing category at major trade shows, including ISE and InfoComm. With the strong feedback that we’ve received from industry professionals, we are even more excited to get the AC-44 into the hands of our customers.”
MXL’s AC-44 utilises the company’s signature three-capsule boundary design to enhance direct sounds while mitigating noise and echoes in any workspace. The microphone’s wide 180-degree cardioid pickup pattern provides clear audio capture, focusing on sound sources in front of the microphone and eliminating unwanted noise from the back. This gives the AC-44 flexibility between working in a single-user workspace, in a medium huddle space or even in larger spaces, such as classrooms and medical facilities.
(Jim Evans)

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