New release and Lite licence for ON LX’s Ctrl for iPad
Friday, 8 January 2021
ctrl-for-ipad-superwideCtrl for iPad, ON LX’s custom user interface creation tool
UK - ON LX Limited has announced the latest release of its bespoke user interface creation tool, Ctrl for iPad. The release features a host of key time-saving and practical features taken directly from user feedback and designed to make configuration and multi-protocol support even faster.
Matt Didon, ON LX’s managing director says: “Our users are the most important part of our product, they heavily drive development and this release was a great opportunity for us to focus on feature requests and meet the changing needs of the industry.”
Alongside the new features and improvements, a new ‘Lite’ license tier has been introduced. ON LX’s James Walton adds: “The motivation behind the Lite tier is to open Ctrl for iPad up to creative applications where full commercial grade interfaces with user permissions and support for HTTP, TCP, UPD and modules simply aren’t needed. Lite is a strong mix of UI controls with the ability to send MIDI and OSC. So far, we’ve seen Ctrl for iPad used in all manner of places, including fitness studios, sporting venues, interactive art installations, escape rooms and much more. We’re looking forward to seeing the new creative ways the user community will look to use it.”
Highlights of the release include: new rotary slider types; bulk copy in edit mode; button groups - a new method to ensure only one button is ever active triggered at a time in a simple visual way (removing the need for internal commands); plus improvements and enhancements to existing modules to allow for more customisation, flexibility and responsiveness.
Walton continues: “With a background in installation and events ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be not to have access to all necessary information instantly when on a job. Alongside the auto updating in-app user manual, we’ve added a new video tutorial and knowledge base section to our website to continue making life easier for our user community. We’d like to extend our thanks to all beta testers for making this possible.”

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