PL+S: Powersoft debuts raft of new products
Monday, 1 April 2019
lotoLOTO comes in two different flavours: Basic and Advanced
Germany - Powersoft returns to Messe Frankfurt in force for this year’s Prolight + Sound (PL+S) with a full suite of industry audio solutions, including the new X4L amplifier; the LOTO DSP 1-2 in / 4 out Advanced DSP board; the DSP-Lite ETH 1-2 in / 3 out DSP interface; and an update for its Snapshot Selector mobile app.
The company’s stand, which can be found in Hall 8.0 (G40), will also feature some of its more established products, including the T Series amplifier platform.
As the latest addition to Powersoft’s range of amplifiers, the X4L, has been created to drive modern high SPL woofers that require very high voltage in order to deliver their full potential. The product is specifically designed to deliver up to 300 V (peak) to the loudspeakers, which translates to more audible impact from the music itself.
“In our research activity and during interactions with producers of loudspeaker components, it has become clear to us that this is the next logical step for the powering of these solutions,” said Klas Dalbjörn, Powersoft product manager.
Even in applications where high output voltage isn’t required by rental staging professionals, the X4L remains an extremely attractive product. This illustrated by the product’s ability to deliver the same or more power per loudspeaker while driving more cabinets in parallel when compared to other amplifiers, which will save users both money and truck space on portable applications.
LOTO is a 1-2 in / 4 out advanced processing board specifically designed to provide advanced DSP functions to any powered product. It comes in two different flavours: Basic and Advanced, both featuring the same characteristics of the high-end X-Series platform, LOTO delivers parametric raised cosine filters, custom FIR and IIR equalisers, as well as TruePower, RMS and Peak limiters, Active DampingControl, and Live Impedance all completely supported and managed via ArmoníaPlus.
“With the introduction of DSP LOTO platform,” says Powersoft’s Giacomo Previ, global sales manager – OEM solutions “Powersoft is now able to offer to OEM manufacturers the same advanced processing capabilities of its top-of-the-range rack amplifier series. This will enable to create a very powerful and flexible Powersoft ecosystem, easily controlled via ArmoníaPlus suite.”
DSP-Lite ETH is a 1-2 in 3 out processing board designed for LiteMod Series, MiniMod4, and DigiMod PFC2/PFC4 amp modules, integrating an extremely compact interface panel compatible with mono-in / link-out or stereo-in configurations.
As well as the new hardware offerings, Powersoft will also use PL+S to launch an update of its popular Snapshot Selector app, which was originally released at the end of 2017.
Following its successful launch at NAMM, another of Powersoft’s latest touring products - the T Series - will be presented to PL+S visitors. The T Series consists of both 2- and 4-channel models available in 3,000 W and 6,000 W versions supporting channel powers from 750 W to 3,000 W in a single rack unit.
(Jim Evans)

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