Strand standardises on DIN rail for Vision.Net
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
strandThe new Strand Vision.Net components are expected in the second quarter
USA - Strand has announced that they are standardising their portfolio of Vision.Net architectural lighting components to use 35mm DIN rail for mounting.
Strand’s new, modular family of hardware devices consists of nine new products, including control modules, rack trays, enclosures, power supplies, and other components. This new solution can be customised to any size application for educational, theatrical and house of worship environments.
“Customers have relied on Strand’s custom lighting control enclosures for years,” says Fernand Pereira, global head of marketing and product management, Entertainment Lighting at Signify. “Customers received exactly the solution they needed in a factory certified, UL rated enclosure that could be easily installed in the field. However, this required each solution to be custom designed and assembled in Strand’s factory.
“By deploying standardised, DIN rail mountable modules, customers get the same flexibility in a solution that’s easier to order as boxed goods, can scale easier down the road and can be assembled at any dealership or in the field—while still keeping the regulatory compliance.”
Using standard 35mm DIN rail ensures system integrators can easily retrofit the solution into any existing installation or incorporate it into any new build out. With modular components and a variety of trays and enclosures available, the solution can scale to address any application, with rack, flush, or surface mounting options available.
Because components are individually listed, solutions can be ordered off the shelf and assembled at any location. However, customers desiring custom-built solutions can still leverage Strand’s manufacturing expertise and have systems assembled in the Strand factory. Vision.Net control modules are plenum rated so that they can be installed if required in plenum air spaces.

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