VideoSonic chooses MXL for Zoom rooms
Wednesday, 24 March 2021
mxl-microphonesvideosonic3AC-404s in the classroom
USA - When Glenn Polly, founder of VideoSonic Systems, Inc., an audio-visual integration company, was tasked with integrating a high-quality, low-cost microphone solution for use with Zoom rooms at a leading university in New York, he opted for MXL Microphones' AC-404s.
“Zoom engineers have dedicated countless hours to writing the original algorithm, enabling mics to behave as beam tracking mics,” says Polly. “Up to 12 MXL AC-404 mics can be installed in a Zoom room without the need for a DSP processor, which is a nice benefit. The latest version of the Zoom algorithm is even better, so naturally, the mics work even better.”
Near-end audio capture is the most difficult component of a Zoom call and can represent the largest chunk of the project’s budget. “To optimise the performance of the audio capture devices, it’s important that the room itself has acceptable acoustics,” explains Polly. “With classrooms having less seats for students practicing social distancing, we can no longer gain from the absorption qualities of the bodies in the room. We always recommend that the room be acoustically treated if its overly reverberant. With the MXL mics being a cost-effective solution, acoustical treatments can easily be accounted for in the classroom’s budget.”
To meet the requirements of a specific room layout, VideoSonic often designs custom solutions for installation projects. For this Zoom aoom application, VideoSonic fabricated mounting brackets to affix the AC-404 mics to the classroom ceilings.
“To maximize our pick-up coverage in the classrooms, we mounted the AC-404s on the ceiling, one or two facing the instructor, and either two, three or four mics pointed back at the seated audience, depending on the room size. We designed custom brackets to secure the MXL mics to the ceiling. Even in cases where we have 10-foot-tall ceilings, the AC-404s do an excellent job of capturing pristine audio.”

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