Chauvet shines on Man of la Mancha
Tuesday, 11 February 2020
manoflamanchaMan of La Mancha at the Raymond F. Kravis Centre
USA - In a recent production of the musical Man of la Mancha by the MNM Theatre Company at the Raymond F. Kravis Centre, West Palm Beach, Don Quixote’s flowering dreams, were brought vividly to life by a Clifford Spulock lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Positioning two Rogue R1X Spots on the house box booms and four Rogue RH1 Hybrids on upstage truss, Spulock built a variety of looks for the show. “I wanted the lighting to evoke myriad emotions from the audience,” says Spulock. “The setting of the play is already dark, so I wanted a clear delineation between the prison and Cervantes’ ‘story within the story’ to draw the audience into this imaginary world, which seems bright and happy, but slowly becomes more sombre and complex as the emotional state of the characters is revealed.”
The iris edge function of the Rogue R1X fixtures created precise specials for the actors and doubled as a powerful spotlight substitute to add extra punch to the dance and musical numbers, as well as the dramatic soliloquies.
Spulock also relied on the Rogue R1X Washes and the RH1 Hybrids to establish visual cues, with colour, light, isolation and shadows, which helped to highlight the drama unfolding onstage and draw the audience into the story on a more visceral level.
“I really wanted to use colour and effects to establish the two different worlds within the show,” adds Spulock. “My ambers, darkness and gobo breakups made the audience feel as if they were suffering with the prisoners in the dungeon; then bright, vivid colours transported them into the imaginary world of the Cervantes story.”
(Jim Evans)

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