Holoplot makes move into Asian live market
Thursday, 7 December 2023
starnetworks-and-holoplotMyung Sun Lee, Su Keun O, Ryan Penny and Alessandro Rinaldi, Seung Won Ham, and Gyeong Hyun Lee
South Korea - The Starnetworks group has become the official distributor of Holoplot Matrix Array systems in South Korea. This marks Holoplot's first foray into the Asian live entertainment market.
“Our philosophy is to look at sound as both an art and a science,” says Su Keun O, CEO at Starnetworks. “This philosophy aligns perfectly with Holoplot technology, which is science-based, software-driven, and hardware-enabled, offering unparalleled sound experiences through sound control.”
The Starnetworks team had their first opportunity to witness the Holoplot X1 Matrix Array in action earlier this year at the ISE Show in Barcelona. “We were fascinated by how Holoplot could visualise sound dispersion and control the sound with such precision and the creative potential of this. Since then, we’ve discovered many more benefits of Holoplot technology with X1 and the new X2 covering all bases in terms of application type. Utilised as a stereo system it completely removes hot spots and unwanted reflections, allowing us to achieve very high-quality, enjoyable sound.”
The debut of X1 in South Korea happened at South Korea’s very own Lightroom. The first Lightroom project opened in London earlier this year, also successfully equipped with a Holoplot X1 system. Lightroom Korea opened in Seoul on 1 November, and serves as the second venue to host the highly acclaimed art exhibition, David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away).
“We are thrilled to partner with Starnetworks and bring the power of Holoplot audio technology to the Asian market,” says Ryan Penny, head of sales at Holoplot. “As a manufacturer offering a completely new technology, we’re partnering with companies that see the difference in our systems and are willing to take a step towards the future.
“Starnetworks has already built a great reputation, South Korea is a market that is both forward thinking and is seeing growth in immersive experiences and we see this as a relationship that will extend that further.”

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