Strictly Come Dancing with ProPlex IQ
Monday, 27 March 2017
iq-two-1616-compThe powerful ProPlex IQ Two 1616
UK - The British TV show Strictly Come Dancing approaches its 15th season this year. Renowned for its visual razzmatazz, the show’s lighting depends on a vast network of data control, an essential component of which is the powerful ProPlex IQ Two 1616.
“We purchased an IQ 1616 Ethernet-DMX node last autumn for Season 14,” says Mark Newell, lighting gaffer and chief systems tech for the show. “It’s an integral part of a system incorporating two consoles and a media server, all outputting on the same network. We’ve been using the ProPlex node to output DMX for a grid of LED battens, pixel-mapped within the media server, and used to light any band extras or special props that the couples use during their dances.
“Because the consoles we use for Strictly have a limited number of outputs, we have to swap routing during the show. The ProPlex IQ 1616 is perfect for this job because we can easily change the routing very quickly using the large touchscreen display. Unlike other products of a similar nature, the large display on the IQ 1616 has all the information you need in a large font without having to go through lots of sub-menus to get to the required page.
“There is also an excellent web browser interface and both control options are very simple to use with no fuss. The 1616 really defines user friendly. In addition, to be able to purchase a 16-port device is great, as the cost saving over buying two 8-port devices makes it a very attractive option.”
Newell adds, “The game show Big Heads we’re currently doing is being run from a single IQ Two 1616 in a very simple manner: 16 Art-Net outputs being generated by two consoles on the same network. I have other shows coming up and will certainly be using the ProPlex IQ Two 1616.”
(Jim Evans)

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