V Sport installs Prolights panels in new studios
Wednesday, 6 April 2022
prolightsThe new studios are located in Halse, Oslo
Norway - V Sport, a group of television channels owned by Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) and a part of the pan-Nordic V Sport brand, has fitted two of their new spaces with Prolights studio fixtures.
When Nordic Entertainment Group were about to build their new studios located in Halse, Oslo, they turned to Hilux AS and Jørn Wangensteen for lighting design. Jørn is a lighting designer with vast experience in studio and film production, and already had experience with the EclPanels from several high-profile productions.
“We immediately talked with Prostage, Prolights' distributor in the region, and told them the EclPanels were the perfect fit for this job,” said Jørn. “The panels' reputation is outstanding and ticked all of the boxes for this project.”
Studio 1 was built mainly to house the new Visat winter sports studio and is fitted exclusively with 18x EclPanel TWCJr, 30x EclFresnel PTW and a few LumiPar 12UQPro.
Studio 2 is designed as a green screen studio, which will be used for several sports productions, including the Premier League. This studio took 20x EclFresnel JrTW and 12x EclFresnel PTW.
“The Prolights fixtures are very versatile, and the TW Fresnels have an incredibly wide CCT range whilst maintaining high CRI and TLCI values, something extremely important in broadcast productions. We also like how simple they are to use and having an entire family of products capable for these projects means that we can quickly train everyone in-house much quicker as they share very similar user interfaces” concluded Jørn.

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