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pa-front-aud-viewRhyl Pavilion Theatre turns to Nexo Geo
Friday, 18 February 2022

UK - Located on the waterfront in the North Wales seaside resort of Rhyl, the 1031-seat Pavilion Theatre hosts touring theatre productions, comedy acts and music tours, alongside playing a key role at the heart of the community, staging local cultural events and school productions.
When the theatre’s technical manager Andy Hughes was tasked with replacing the existing PA with a modern, versatile system capable of handling everything from a comedy gig to a rock & roll show, one brand came immediately to mind. “I had heard a lot of systems in the theatre over the years from touring shows, including many big-named brands and Nexo always really stood out sound wise.”
Andy approached entertainment technology specialists A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), where senior audio sales executive Steve Eaton turned to the Engineering Support Team at the Nexo Campus in France to design the system. With an extensive history in theatre sound, Nexo Engineering Support manager Bertrand Billon took on the task.
“Designing a ground-stacked system for a multi-level theatre is always a challenge,” says Bertrand. “It’s important to strike the right balance between long-throw and not overpowering the audience at the front. At the Pavilion Theatre, we took advantage of stacking Geo M10 on top of the MSUB18s, giving us the extra height required to avoid creating a hot spot in the front rows. The removable directivity flanges helped us to achieve this soft spot at the front, changing the horizontal directivity from 90° to 120° without requiring a com

tokyoTempest moves mountain to Kumamoto Station
Friday, 18 February 2022

Japan - Tempest has helped to produce an eye-catching projection mapping installation at Kumamoto Station. At Aso Caldera Hike near the busy station, visitors were able to walk through the representation of a circular caldera - a large volcanic crater - and experience a spectacular show of light and imagery in a relaxation spot in the city.
A custom Tempest Cyclone outdoor projector enclosure installed high up on a nearby building balcony protects a Barco UDX-4K32 projector with a Dynamic Projection Institute Mirror Head, enabling mapping coverage of the entire caldera. The project was carried out S.C.Alliance, with technical direction from Bassdrum.
S.C.Alliance has used Tempest outdoor enclosures successfully for several years in a variety of installations, and the Cyclone enclosure was supplied by Tempest’s Tokyo-based distributor TSJ. “At the ISE exhibition, we spoke with Tim at Tempest, and learned about the UDT lens support and custom enclosures,” says an S.C.Alliance representative. “This time, we decided to adopt a custom enclosure because it was the best solution for our project, which had installation constraints and required a large dynamic projection range.”
The mapped content was designed to represent the four seasons of the Aso Caldera region within the circular 24m diameter installation, covering an area of 600sq.m. Revellers can walk between the colourful illuminated circular screens and enjoy some respite from hectic urban lives.
“I loved the idea to create an oasis in a busy urban environment, and the team at S.C.

dicentisDicentis delivers at EU-Western Balkans summit
Friday, 18 February 2022

Slovenia - A Dicentis conference system from Bosch played a key role to ensure a structured meeting and making the EU Western Balkans summit a successful event. Two Dicentis multimedia devices, 40 Dicentis discussion devices and 18 interpreter desks from Bosch were deployed at the summit, along with six Avonic CM73 and two CM20 cameras for split view plus other peripheral equipment.
The in-person summit was held in October 2021 in Brdo pri Kranju. The leaders of the EU member states met in person with the six Western Balkans partners. Slovenia took over presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 2021 and hosted this get-together, marking the highlight of their presidency. Local AV solutions company and Bosch partner Robotrade, a member of the Congress Rental Network (CRN), was commissioned with the technical execution of the two-day summit.
Though many conferences are held remotely as hybrid events these days, remote participation by heads of state was not appropriate in this case, due to the international importance of the meeting. That’s why Robert Omovšek, CEO of Robotrade, and his team had to work out a solution that both complied with strict COVID-19 regulations and catered to the infrastructure of the location, the Brdo Conference Centre. To utilise wireless conferencing equipment was no option as signal jammers were used inside the conferencing room during the event.
The solution was a Dicentis conferencing system from Bosch, consisting of Dicentis multimedia devices, discussion devices and a system server. Important function

calrecNBC chooses Calrec for Winter Olympics
Thursday, 17 February 2022

USA - NBC Sports has selected Calrec to provide remote audio workflows for its production of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games from Beijing. The announcement was made by Karl Malone, director, sound design, NBC Sports and NBC Olympics, and Dave Letson, VP of sales, Calrec Audio.
NBCUniversal is providing coverage of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games until 20 February, featuring a Winter Olympics-record 2,800+ hours of coverage across NBC, Peacock, USA Network, CNBC, and the NBC Sports app.
For the first time ever, NBC Sports is employing fully remote audio workflows for all its production of the Winter Games, with no audio consoles physically on-site at the event. NBC Sports will have four Calrec RP1 Remote Production cores in the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Beijing to cover numerous studios. Full control for the IBC remote production cores will be provided on Artemis consoles based at NBC Sports’ International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn.
In addition, NBC Sports has installed four remote production units at four remote venues in Beijing. These will be connected over Dante to Artemis consoles in OB units in Stamford.
“Calrec will, once again, be a strong partner to NBC Sports’ production of the Winter Games,” says Malone. “Their support of our operation has been key to our audio successes during multiple productions of the Olympic Games. NBC Sports have been strong users of their remote technologies, which are becoming even more important in today’s pandemic-related logistical problems and have been key

followmeinaustria-022022jpgFollow-Me on song in Kirchleitn Kleinwild
Thursday, 17 February 2022

Austria - Earlier this year, Viennese BMS Production Group, a client of German Follow-Me partner LMP, was responsible for the technical production of the live ORF broadcast from holiday village Kirchleitn Kleinwild in St. Oswald.
“Since we had already covered the stage situation with a Follow-Me 3D TWO system in summer 2021, we decided to integrate the entire site into the system in winter 2022,” explains Fritz Staudinger, managing director of BMS. “We installed the camera on the top floor of an adjacent building, protected from the weather, so that we could capture the entire area, including the open-air stage.”
Director Fabienne Pinter made good use of the newly created 360° situation. In addition to the classic open-air stage, that the Follow-Me 3D system was originally based on, new viewing angles and performance areas were introduced throughout the location. Due to the accessibility of the new lighting set up, the corridors between the individual areas were also used for the filming of the performers.
During the on-site inspection, lighting designer Norbert Wolfsberger used a 3D scanner to create a “point cloud” of the entire site. This was imported into WYSIWYG and nine T-bars were mounted throughout the site, accommodating a variety of moving and static lights.
Using the point cloud mapping and a laser range finder, Martin Staudinger measured the Follow-Me system on site. “The front lights and backlights were then calibrated and programmed across the entire site with live operation during the show by two lighting technic

french-comedyComedy show lighting powered by ChamSys
Thursday, 17 February 2022

France - Comedian Maxime Gasteuil’s show Arrive en Ville is playing to sold out houses and is now the subject of an Amazon Prime programme.
The show is more a comedic narrative than a standup routine, as it contrasts Gasteuil’s life in his hometown, with its historic Romanesque churches and famous vineyards, to the fast pace of 21st century Paris.
Helping this entertaining narrative unfold is a richly textured theatrically flavoured lighting design by the G!theimagineers team of Vincent Rautureau and Andreas Monschauer that was powered by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M console.
Involving close to 300 fixtures and 50 universes when it debuted at Casino de Paris for nine sold out shows, which were recorded for the Amazon Prime, Arrive en Ville reflects the various situations, humorous and thought provoking, that Gasteuil finds himself in on his cultural odyssey.
“We started working on this show in July of last year and began pre-programming it in September for the January premiere in Paris,” comments Monschauer, who ran the show on his ChamSys console. “This was quite different from a typical concert, in the sense that it was more intimate and had to tell a narrative. Throughout the process we did a lot of 3D drawings to show to Maxime and his team.”
A ChamSys user since 2010, Monschauer credits his MagicQ MQ 500 with making the complex show more manageable. “The Audio Timeline feature was extremely helpful,” he said. “I sent audio from the console and timeline and programming in a timecode was extraordinarily f

calibeach1Harman Pro outfits Gold Coast club with JBL
Thursday, 17 February 2022

Australia - Harman Professional Solutions recently partnered with Prestige Group and MadisonAV to outfit Cali Beach Club on the Gold Coast with weather-resistant audio solutions for “top-notch sound in outdoor conditions”.
Cali Beach Club is a $10m Ibiza-inspired beach club in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Surrounded by residential development, the venue showcases a new type of beach club with pools, open-air spaces, outdoor deck areas and cabanas overlooking the picturesque Gold Coast beach.
In order to deliver immersive audio experiences for its guests while minimising noise pollution for its neighbours, Cali Beach hired MadisonAV and the Prestige Group to design and install a complete Harman audio distribution system consisting of JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.
“Cali Beach is the first of its kind,” said Matthew Keegan, partner, Artesian Hospitality. “It offers multiple restaurant options, a beach volleyball court, an outdoor cinema and more. The club has neighbours right next door, and there are no walls or roofs to assist in managing noise levels. We needed a sound system that would mitigate unwanted dispersion while maximizing the quality of the sound within the venue. We’ve been very happy with the JBL system. It’s been an extremely smooth experience working with both Prestige and MadisonAV. They faced a challenging task, and we’re very happy with the results.”
Prestige Group and MadisonAV designed an open-air audio setup that included 80 loudspeakers, including many in nearfield positions to mini

harley-february-2022-newsletterRCF reinforces Harley Davidson Bergamo HQ
Thursday, 17 February 2022

Italy - The new Harley Davidson Bergamo building extends 2,000sq.m, with showrooms, offices, rental spaces, and a customer service shop. The style of the new structure includes architectural elements that combine steel details with wooden elements, giving it an exceptionally bright atmosphere.
The new headquarters building also features a spacious relaxation area that is available to its customers. Shared spaces and the showroom feature new RCF audio systems, with over 20 high-power speakers installed in the ceiling. All speakers, part of the RCF Business Music Series, are two-way wooden cabinets with 10-inch woofers in white, perfectly discreet, and suitable for the style of the environment.
“A brand like Harley Davidson trusts RCF when it comes to power and acoustic detail,” comments Yuri Casi, RCF Installed Sound Italy sales manager. “With our range of options, we can now offer products suitable for all types of commercial environments. From music systems for background up to high-power concert sound systems, our new Business Music line always satisfies our clients.”

space-needle-nyephoto-by-sigma-sreedharanProteus Excalibur debuts on Seattle NYE show
Thursday, 17 February 2022

USA - The Seattle Space Needles’s New Year’s Eve fireworks and light show is arguably the most notable NYE celebration on the West Coast. This year, in spite of a recently-upgraded lighting system, organisers called upon Illuminate Production Services (IPS) and Elation Professional products to once again illuminate the legendary NYE show.
IPS were the first worldwide to debut Elation’s new Proteus Excalibur beam moving head as part of a larger Elation lighting package and were excited for the opportunity. “We received the first 12 units in the country and put them to use two days later,” says IPS president, Rick Franke. “Supply chain issues caused it to be a close connection between product arrival, QC and deployment but Eric Loader and his team at Elation made it happen. We could not ask for a better partner.”
After two years of cancellations - high winds in 2019/20 and COVID last year - the Space Needle New Year’s Eve show was back in a big way. Illuminate Production Services was responsible for the lighting aspect of the event, again collaborating with Pyro Spectaculars, as well as fireworks designer Alberto Navarro. Rick Franke managed the lighting project and the IPS team. Caleb Franke, head of IPS’ newly-established design company, Illuminate Creative Entertainment (ICE), served as lighting designer.
On a project of this magnitude there are always engineering and show challenges to overcome and the biggest challenge this year, according to Rick Franke, had to do with the elements. “It had snowed six inches the day prior t

amanoeast-side-bar-jens-bosenbergNexo ID Series installed at Amano hotels in Berlin
Thursday, 17 February 2022

Germany - The vision of founder Ariel Schiff, the Amano Group of hotels, bars and restaurants relies on sound design as the basis to transport interior design, bar and culinary concepts. This recognition that sound plays a key role in curating a memorable customer experience in a hospitality setting is evidenced by the fact that the group has its own sound designer on staff.
When the group first approached experienced German AV technology specialists Raum+Schall to design and install a sound system in the soon-to-open restaurant of the prestigious Hotel Amano East Side in Berlin, CTO Markus Lienhart knew that he wanted to use the Nexo ID Series. “When I first saw and heard the Nexo ID24, I thought, wow, this is installation loudspeakers v2.0. In terms of design, performance and the versatility of its HF directivity, it gives us the tools we need to realise a whole new level of performance in a high-end hospitality setting.”
A shoot-out with other systems was arranged at the nearby Hotel Amano Grand Central, with the group’s owner and key management present. “As soon as we fired up the ID Series system, I got goose bumps” continues Lienhart. Requests quickly followed to install Nexo systems in three other Amano Group properties in the city.
“We started at the Hotel Amano East Side, using eight ID24s with a pair of IDS110 subs in both the restaurant and rooftop bar, with power and processing from Nexo DTD/DTDAMPs,” reports Lienhart. “The systems sounded fantastic throughout, with no dead edges. Critically, the systems are able to accom

mythica-theatre-rideaw-reupload-20220216114657883Legoland Windsor installs Christie RGB projector
Thursday, 17 February 2022

UK - Christie's RGB pure laser projector D4K40-RGB has been installed at the Legoland Windsor Resort, the company has reported. The Christie D4K40-RGB is a key part of the technology set-up for the resort’s newest attraction, The Flight of the Sky Lion.
The Flight of the Sky Lion is billed as the UK’s first ‘flying theatre’ ride and is the main attraction in Legoland’s new £20m imaginary land Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures. Inspired by the ideas of children, the focal point is the Sky Lion that is created out of 685,530 Lego bricks. The ride itself stands 25m tall and visitors are transported below the Sky Lion’s wing to Mythica, where Lego creatures, such as the two-headed Hydra and Fire and Ice Bird come to life.
The adventure is projected onto a 20m high concave screen, and the gondola, in which the audience sits, is capable of a 30° swing, 23° pitch and a few degrees sideways movement. The ride was created by Brogent Technologies.
The ride is encased in a 20m x 20m spherical dome which has a cut-out at the top through which content is projected onto the concave screen. Stefan Rothaug, marketing and sales, Brogent Technologies, relates how the D4K40-RGB became the chosen projector for the ride:
“It was clear from the design of the dome that we needed a single projector solution,” he says. “It was all we had room for. As such we needed the best possible unit we could find, and that turned out to be the Christie D4K40-RGB. We were blown away by the vibrant colour reproduction, and the advantages

super-bowlShure on point for Super Bowl LVI
Thursday, 17 February 2022

USA - Super Bowl LVI attracted 70,000 fans at LA’s SoFi Stadium, with more than 100 million TV viewers tuning in from around the world. The event’s RF coordinators, referees and performers relied on Shure gear.
The line-up featured the Axient Digital Wireless System which captured uninterrupted audio from the game’s most meaningful moments, including the pre-game show, key parts of the half-time performance, and crucial fourth-quarter referee decisions. Off the field, Shure technology was counted on to bring memorable events to life, including Budweiser’s Super Bowl Music Fest and NFL Honours broadcast.
“Shure Axient Digital microphones have been a key part of our Super Bowl wireless system for the last five years,” comments Gary Trenda, lead RF technician for Professional Wireless Systems (PWS), which was hired by ATK Audiotek to handle wireless microphones and IEM systems for the pre-game, halftime entertainment and referees. “The PWS team deploys a Quadversity antenna system that gives us great coverage. Seeing five bars on the quality meter anywhere on the field gives us confidence in the Axient Digital system.”
Gary and the ATK Audiotek team depended on 10 AD4Q four-channel wireless receivers and a Shure spectrum manager with Wireless Workbench to evaluate the RF spectrum efficiently and continuously at SoFi Stadium in real time. ATK used Axient Digital with Quadversity, a patented Shure technology, leveraging four simultaneous RF inputs to feed a single RF channel. Quadversity can extend the coverage area of a microphone chann

texasLEA Professional amps find a home in Houston
Wednesday, 16 February 2022

USA - LEA Professional supplied the owners of a large residential property in Houston with network-based audio through the company's Connect Series amplifiers.
A long-time customer of Texas-based AV integration company Sound Lab Designs, the homeowners were looking for an entire new AV system across their six-bedroom home which is set over five acres of land in the middle of Houston. Sound Lab Designs designed and installed a new system from scratch to cover the interior and exterior of the large property.
For Ernie Blumenthal, owner at Sound Lab Designs, this project was different from other residential installations he’s worked on because, for the first time, he used LEA Professional amplifiers. Blumenthal mapped over 20 audio zones in the property, many of which were external zones including the pool, patio, front and near lawns and balconies. Initially for Blumenthal it was the style and form factor of the LEA amplifiers that convinced him to give them a try.
“Form factor was a huge plus, I knew I could really stack a lot of power in a home and not take up the whole rack,” commented Blumenthal. “I did my research on LEA and saw that the sound quality and the adjustability of the amplifier was highly regarded so I thought this would be a perfect installation to try this product.”
Sound Lab Designs installed five Connect Series 168, one Connect 702, and one Connect 354 in the home. The team chose to give the homeowners extra power and channel count so they would have plenty of headroom for future expansion.

agoramesse-frankfurt-exhibition-gmbhpietro-suteramfpshym2021-092Clear-Com solutions support Frankfurt shows
Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Germany - Large-scale tradeshows have been profoundly affected by the pandemic since 2020, many having to be cancelled or postponed, or rely on hybrid formats of attendance. For Automechanika Digital Plus and Hypermotion 2021 in Frankfurt, live events and technology companies Gahrens + Battermann and Freaksound implemented a communications solution to enable both live and virtual elements of the shows.
Clear-Com’s HelixNet Digital Network Partyline, LQ Series of IP Interfaces, Agent-IC Mobile App, and the new Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client assisted with event management and live streaming at the events.
The first independent shows of their kind in Germany, Automechanika and Hypermotion brought together numerous players from the automotive, transport and logistics industries to discuss the future of the mobility industry as the world trends toward digitalization and decarbonization. After an 18-month closure, the Messe Frankfurt was finally able to welcome in-person guests in September of 2021.
Clear-Com’s HelixNet Digital Network Partyline was integrated with several LQ devices and deployed at the Messe to connect four event halls and five stages via an existing IP backbone, as well as to connect intercom users who were remoting into the main event site.
More than 50 intercom endpoints consisting of four-channel HRM-4X remote user stations and HXII-BP 2-channel beltpacks were established throughout the production area, in addition to analogue input and outputs that were designated for camera control units used in the live broadcast of

solo-club-6Beijing's Solo opens with Van Damme Cable
Wednesday, 16 February 2022

China - DJ Wengweng, well-known electronic musician, the main founder of Acupuncture Records and the Lantern Club, has recently opened Solo, a new electronic music room in Bejing, with the help of Van Damme Cable.
Measured at only 18sq.m, the music space will be used to record live sets of or other artists, and make their musical talents and ideas better known through the internet.
The key aim is to establish increasingly strong relationships with domestic artists, labels and club operators, start discussions around the development of electronic music culture in China and create development opportunities together.
Despite its size, the sound, lighting, DJ and acoustic processing equipment are all professional standard. Installation was achieved with the help of Phoenix Audio, Van Damme’s Chinese distributor.
The audio configuration uses Funktion-One series: two R1 full-frequency main amplifiers and two F101 supplementary speakers. One BR218 double 18’’ bass. Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE starquad microphone cable, Black Series Tour Grade 8 pair multicore and Black Series Tour Grade 4 x 4.00mm multicore were also used in the Solo Club install.
Herpreet Kaur Singh, commercial director at VDC Trading, comments: “We’re delighted that we were able to support Phoenix Audio with this install. It’s a privilege to be involved with Solo, a space linked to such a high-profile artist and one of the important personalities in the development of Chinese electronic music culture.”
Chris Zhang, director of Phoenix Audio, adds:

variliteVari-Lites effects enhance Niels Broos live
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

The Netherlands - Utrecht’s majestic TivoliVredenburg music complex hosted a live session by celebrated Dutch musician Niels Broos recently, with an effects-rich lighting design by Jolijn van Iersel using the features of Vari-Lite VL5LED Wash, VL10 Beamwash and VL6500 WASH luminaires from Signify.
Niels Broos’ performance saw renditions of some of his biggest hits as well as improvised, immersive sound design pieces. It was part of the Gaudeamus festival – staged for young music pioneers – and was streamed to fans.
“Niels wanted something special for the show, so we tried to look for some interesting new ways to light his performance,” says LD Jolijn van Iersel, who is also a lighting technician at TivoliVredenburg. “The VL5LED WASH and its LED ring gave us the visual extra we were looking for. It was able to not only be a fixture, but also create a décor and background by using the blades in combination with the rings.
This is why I chose to position the lights so closely around the artist and his equipment, so that every camera shot would show at least one VL5. The LED ring also provided the effects we could use to highlight the soundscapes in the music, without overdoing it for the camera.”
Jolijn van Iersel positioned the VL10 Beamwash luminaires as floodlights, on the floor at the back of the room. Vari-Lite VL6500 WASH fixtures were also used, bolstering the wash possibilities from the same point.
“The VL10s are ideal to light up the stage quite wide and bright without the need of many lights,” Van Iersel conti

claypakysingaporecountdown1Mythos 2 fixtures shine over Marina Bay
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Singapore - For the second consecutive year Singapore welcomed the new year with Shine a Light, an inspirational light display that illuminated the Marina Bay skyline and this year featured 60 Claypaky Mythos 2 spot and beam lights arrayed in a circular formation around The Promontory.
Shine a Light was part of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2022 presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in support of the Singapore Together movement. It is also a collaboration with local philanthropic organisation The Majurity Trust to raise funds for people struggling in the community.
The light display represented strength in diversity as Singaporeans supported one another during the pandemic. It also shone the spotlight on frontline workers, ground-up groups and charities meeting the needs of communities during these difficult times.
Each week in December Shine a Light was illuminated in a different colour to showcase a particular cause. From 29-32 December, the display was lit in magenta to represent the harmonious spirit of Singapore Together and celebrate the partnerships forged to create a caring, just and equal Singapore with opportunities for all.
Aux Media Group was responsible for the execution of the light display and chose 60 Claypaky Mythos 2 for the display at the Promontory for their reliability and flexibility as both spot and beam lights. The 60 fixtures were positioned in a circular array of 10 sections with six lights in each section. They were mounted inside third-party air-pumped outdoor enclosures to

hip-hopPoland’s PRO8L3M perform with Prolights Astra
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Poland - As hip-hop group PRO8L3M returned to the stage last December, the Prolights Astra Wash7PixIP and Astra Wash19Pix made their arena debut at the COS Torwar in Warsaw.
The production was supervised by lighting studio Źle i Tanio, who usually deal with highly complex productions. The project included fixtures including the Sunblast 3000FC, the Astra Wash19Pix and Astra Wash7PixIP.
“We knew these were solid fixtures,” explains the team from ŹiT, adding: “We used the 19Pix as the main wash on stage, sometimes using it also as a beam thanks to its large zoom range and high output. We also used the pixel ring as a standalone effect during some blackouts.”
The 7PixIP fixtures were placed on each side of the stage to create beam and colour effects. “We were surprised by their performance as well as the speed of movement,” says ŹiT. “It is a relatively small device with a powerful output and stunning effects. We can honestly admit that they did the job very well.”
The Sunblast 3000FCs were used as a colourful floodlight and strobe. “We must say that both Astra Washes have great colours and an amazing output. This was a great show, and we couldn't be happier to have used Prolights' fixtures,” explains ŹiT.

indiaChristie projectors illuminate Statue of Equality
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

India - Christie has announced that its high-brightness 3DLP laser projectors are employed for a projection mapping showcase on the newly inaugurated Statue of Equality in Hyderabad, which commemorates the 11th-century Bhakti Saint Sri Ramanujacharya.
The spectacle, which highlights the life journey and teaching of Sri Ramanujacharya, is accomplished using eight Crimson Series laser projectors and four Griffyn 4K32-RGB pure laser projectors. They were installed and commissioned by Christie’s longstanding partner, Tricolor India Schauspiel, a systems integrator specialising in architectural 3D projection mapping and son et lumière. The Crimson Series projectors were installed within two towers to deliver bright and intensely colourful images on the statue’s surface, while the Griffyn 4K32-RGB projectors were used to display captivating imagery on the gates and walls surrounding the statue.
Located in Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana state in south-central India, the 216ft-tall Statue of Equality is one of the world’s tallest metallic statues in sitting position. It is mounted on a 54ft-high base building named Bhadra Vedi, which houses a digital library and research centre, a theatre, as well as an educational gallery detailing many works of Sri Ramanujacharya. The majestic structure was officially inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an elaborate ceremony on 5 February.
“This is a landmark project and we’ve spared no effort in bringing this highly anticipated projection mapping showcase to fruition using a ver

dotachampionship1Dota 2 World Championship wows with Martin Pro
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Romania - To provide the International 2021 Dota 2 World Championship in Bucharest with a dazzling visual display and premium broadcast lighting, lighting designer Alex Berry partnered with Christie Lites and THiNC Worldwide to deploy a complex Martin by Harman lighting rig, including Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures.
The International is a major annual championship tournament dedicated to Dota 2, a popular multiplayer online arena battle (MOAB) video game from developer and publisher Valve. Since its inaugural event in 2011, Valve has hosted The International every year (with the exception of 2020, due to COVID-19) in global cities as diverse as Shanghai, Vancouver and Seattle
Originally scheduled to be held in Stockholm’s Avicii Arena, the 2021 championship had to be relocated to Bucharest’s National Stadium on short notice when it became clear that many of The International’s players wouldn’t be allowed to enter Sweden due to visa reasons.
In order to ensure a smooth transition from the previous plan to the event’s new venue, The International’s long-time lighting designer Alex worked closely with Christie Lites and THiNC Worldwide to design and deploy a massive lighting rig that would not only deliver eye-catching visual designs and concert-inspired effects sequences, but also provide adequate broadcast lighting in a challenging daylight situation. To overcome these challenges, Berry opted to build the rig around new Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures for their brightness and versatile effect beams.
“We had a desig

robe-zac-brown-band-zbb-1-photo-by-andy-sappRobe out in the middle for Zac Brown Band
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

USA - In 2021, Zac Brown Band (ZBB) hit the road again with their Comeback Tour, re-energising a live campaign that had originally started in 2019, rolled into 2020 and then was abruptly halted due to the pandemic.
Lighting designer Chris Cockrill of Livelight Design updated his original design for the fall 2021 tour, keeping Robe Spiider LED wash beam moving lights as a major element of the aesthetic.
The initial Spiider count of 64 fixtures in 2019 (plus another 16 for the stadium dates) was revised to 40 for the 2021 version, where they again assumed the same role as the primary wash luminaire on the rig.
Chris, who has worked with ZBB since 2016 and has designed lighting for the artist since 2019, chose Spiiders for “the strong output, tight zoom and general versatility, including being able to pixel map the entire fixture for additional looks and effects, and the flower effect is a fun option that adds a nice breakup look on top of the wash”.
Most of the Spiiders were deployed across the main over-stage trusses, positioned for full stage coverage, with five fixtures on the deck downstage left and right.
Challenges in lighting the show, Chris noted, included the “sheer volume of available material from which the setlist is pulled”. Every night is a different show and there are several general set changes over the course of the tour, all of which keeps Chris on his toes.
Never having the same set twice makes operating more improvisational, and more fun, and meant Chris and his grandMA2 console had to be ready for anyt

chamsysChamSys runs KC Lights at Belsonic Festival
Monday, 14 February 2022

UK - Words like “upbeat” and “ebullient” come up often in reviews of KC Lights’ songs. It’s easy to understand why too. With its bright bursts of energy and soaring crescendos, his brand of house/techno music invariably lifts spirts, whether on or off the dancefloor. Perhaps this is why his release Girl became the unofficial anthem for locked out and house-bound clubbers in 2020, connecting them to better, pre-pandemic times. In the process, it also helped push his all-time streams past 100m.
With lockdown restrictions eased, the Scottish born artist has once again been able to connect to fans in person. The long hiatus has done nothing to diminish the energy level and fan connection at KC Lights’ live shows, as evidenced by his performance on Night Two of the Belsonic Festival in Belfast, where the crowd seemed to be dancing in the air to his kinetic music.
Contributing to the euphoria was a lightshow by Anthony Hazelden who powered his dynamic 12-universe show with a ChamSys PC Wing running on a 15-inch MacBook Pro. “The ChamSys PC Wing is one of the best things I ever invested in,” he says. “It has travelled the world with me, as it fits into a 1510 Peli case. Thanks to its power, I can deliver a big show anywhere.”
Busking his entire show, Hazelden came to the festival prepared with a show file that covered multiple fixture types. This allowed him to morph his file to fit the rig at the site, a process that he accomplished within 30 minutes
“Typically, all of my main intensity groups, movement FX groups, st

robe-cankarjev-dom-can021034061Cankarjev dom invests in Robe Spotes
Monday, 14 February 2022

Slovenia - Cankarjev dom is one of Slovenia’s leading cultural venues, offering seven diverse and different performance and event spaces located right at the heart of the capital city Ljubljana.
For several years the lighting department has been investing in Robe moving lights and earlier in the year Robe’s new Spote moving light became the latest fixtures to be added to their growing inventory.
While the pandemic has been a difficult time, with all the venues closed to the public, Cankarjev dom has managed to maintain a small income via streaming and staging hybrid and socially distanced business events, and regular staff, crew and technicians have been able to take advantage of a flexible furloughing scheme.
Despite the massive challenges faced over the last year, Cankarjev dom proceeded with the investment in eight Spote fixtures, which have joined around 150 other Robe luminaires that they already own.
These new Spotes are designated exclusively for the ‘Klub’ area, a second-floor multipurpose function room that includes a roof terrace with excellent views over the city.
“We needed a small powerful LED fixture,” explained head of lighting Gregor Plantan, and the compact body Spote which outputs 2,700 lumens of white light utilising Robe’s TE 70W White LED engine was chosen.
Buying into the TE technology will also help maintain light quality and consistency across their Robe inventory going forward.
The Klub room has a low ceiling height so a fixture that could work for rear lighting effects was essential.

christieChristie projectors add brilliance to light garden
Friday, 11 February 2022

South Korea - Christie laser projectors are delighting visitors with an array of mesmerising nighttime projections in an outdoor park located in the northeastern part of Seoul.
Known as Nowon Light Garden, it is situated in an area surrounding the old Hwarangdae Station, which was one of the stops along the now-defunct old Gyeongchun Line. During the day, the park’s biggest attractions are old steam locomotives and narrow-gauge trains that used to ply this route. When the sun goes down, a 400m section of the railway park is transformed into a garden of lights. Decorated with themes of Secret Garden, Tree of Life, Music Garden, Fantasy Train Station, Milky Way Garden, and Forest Fairyland, Nowon Light Garden is the first permanent night lighting park in South Korea.
Adding to the illuminations are projections on the façade of Hwarangdae Station using a Christie D16WU-HS 1DLP laser projector, an interactive game zone using two Christie DWU630-GS 1DLP laser projectors, and panoramic projections at the Forest Fairyland using five Christie LWU900-DS 3LCD laser projectors. The projectors were supplied by Christie’s longstanding partner, SNC Alliance, while the installation and commissioning were accomplished by Mega Link, a local systems integrator.
“Nowon Light Garden is the first outdoor park in Seoul that showcases night illuminations aimed at promoting the development of Nowon district, and serves as a healing space in the city where anyone can come and enjoy comfortably,” said Dong-Woo Lee, CEO, SNC Alliance. “As this is a landmark project


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