ESTA documents released for public review
Wednesday, 16 February 2022
tsplogowestaComments are due no later than 21 March 2022
USA - ESTA has released six documents for public review on the TSP website. The publications are free to download and read, with comments due by 21 March.
E1.26, Entertainment Technology - Recommended Testing Methods and Values for Shock Absorption of Floors Used in Live Performance Venues sets out the energy absorption requirements for floors in venues used for live performances, and the methods for testing them. This document is to be used in conjunction with all applicable local building codes and requirements. The existing American National Standard is being considered for reaffirmation.
E1.36, Model Procedure for Permitting the Use of Tungsten-Halogen Incandescent Lamps and Stage and Studio Luminaires in Vendor Exhibit Booths in Convention and Trade Show Exhibition Halls is a model set of procedures that can be used by convention centre and trade show exhibition hall staff to mitigate the risks perceived to be associated with the use of tungsten-halogen lamps and stage and studio luminaires. The standard gives guidance to allow T-H lamps and luminaires to be used in a safe manner in convention centers and trade show exhibition halls. The existing American National Standard is being considered for reaffirmation.
BSR ES1.18, Event Safety - Rigging is a new draft standard addressing the roles, responsibilities, and general requirements for design, planning, installation, set-up, removal, and operation of rigging activities for special events. It does not address system, hardware or component requirements, which are covered in other ESTA standards. This is fundamentally intended to be a safety management standard.
BSR E1.4-1, Manual Counterweight Rigging Systems is a revision addressing the requirements for manually operated counterweight rigging systems used in entertainment. Its scope covers design, manufacture, installation, and use of these systems. It does not address building structural requirements. The updates in this version maintain consistency with changing technology and with changes in accepted industry practice.
BSR E1.6-4, Design, Inspection, and Maintenance of Portable Fixed Speed Electric Chain Hoist Control Systems in the Entertainment Industry partitions the existing ANSI E1.6-4 into two separate but related standards (E1.6-4 and E1.6-5) because some functions of the standard are deemed to require different or higher levels of expertise than other functions of the standard. This part addresses design, inspection, and maintenance aspects, which focus more on the roles and responsibilities of the equipment designer and manufacturer.
BSR E1.6-5, Selection and Use of Portable Chain Hoist Controls in the Entertainment Industry is related to ANSI E1.6-4. This part addresses selection and use, pertaining more to the user's responsibilities and requirements.

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