Morten Støve and Ole Brøsted Sørensen - founders of DPA Microphones.
Leading manufacturer DPA Microphones, based in Allerød, Denmark, marks its 10th anniversary this month. Founded in 1992 by Morten Støve and Ole Brøsted Sørensen, DPA Microphones traces its origins back to the Pro Audio division of Bruel & Kjaer, and the two companies enjoy a mutually productive working relationship to this day.

DPA Microphones has recently moved into stylish new premises in its home town of Allerød, some 30 miles north of Copenhagen. The 1600sq.m facility houses the R&D team, led by Ole Brøsted Sørensen, all sales and marketing, service and dispatch, and a work force of 30 people. DPA’s engineers and visiting customers enjoy the luxury of an in-house recording studio. Purpose-built with a 30sq.m live room, the studio is equipped with a digital console and outboard electronics from fellow Danish companies, such as TC Electronics, DAD and TubeTech. It is used regularly by professional musicians and audio engineers, providing a unique environment for all to experiment with current microphone products and to trial new developments.

In its 10-year history, DPA has always worked closely with its customers, collaborating successfully with expert recording and broadcast engineers around the world. Today, DPA is represented in 47 countries by its network of distributors and dealers.

Although the company’s roots are in professional recording, with the original line of the world-renowned B&K Series 4000 standard microphones, DPA has evolved into a highly versatile pro-audio design house, delivering market-leading products into all sectors: the miniature microphones dominate world theatre and live production, and the specialist broadcasting solutions have won over even the most conservative of customers.

The evolution of the product portfolio reflects DPA’s interest in its customers’ applications. The line includes nearly 200 adapters, mounts and other accessories for the microphones, facilitating precise set-up techniques, which allow mics and engineers to perform at their best. A good example of the approach is the new DPA Type 4071 miniature omni, which is available with one of two Accessory Kits, dedicated respectively to ENG/EFP applications, and to Film/TV production use.

(Lee Baldock)

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