Limited Edition Mixer from Stanton
Wednesday, 16 May 2001
Stanton will introduce another world first this month when it begins shipping the SK-2F Limited Edition mixer. Available in the UK through exclusive distributors, Lamba plc, the SK-2F Limited Edition is an upgraded version of the SK-2F. Upgrades include the latest generation of the Focus fader (V2.0) which is a digital optical crossfader, and the OS2 optical scratch switch. The SK-2F is the first mixer to utilize this technology, which will enable DJs around the world to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with two turntables and a DJ mixer.

Improving on the original, and world’s first optical fader design, the Focus Fader V2 is truly curve-adjustable to accommodate any style of turntable artist. Fitted with an array of optical sensors, and microprocessor-controlled to eliminate the need for contacts or graphite material, V2 will outlast many standard graphite or conductive plastic faders on the market - which is why it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The OS2 also represents a Stanton innovation in its mechanical properties, since it is the first phono/line switch which features a fader as the user interface. This will allow the same hand/wrist movement to be executed when using the crossfader and OS2, which in turn translates into efficiency in scratching performance. The flat handle and soft slide action of the OS2 makes it easy to perform any existing techniques, including the Crab Scratch. The small travel and slide motion will be a positive tool in conditioning the hand/wrist movements to be more minute and precise.

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