The control room has been upgraded with a Quested monitoring system at its heart
UK - Amp-maker Marshall recently constructed a world-class recording studio – boasting a 273sq.m live room and a 40-channel vintage Neve 8048 mixer – next to their Milton Keynes factory.
The control room has been upgraded with a Quested monitoring system at its heart. “It was like fitting that last piece into a jigsaw, or getting the right key for a lock,” said Marshall studio manager Adam Beer. “The Quested Q212FS monitors are just perfect for the room, and for the type of music we record. The imaging is absolutely spot on, you can accurately pinpoint everything throughout the stereo field.”
The Q212FS design is based on one of Quested’s most popular main monitor enclosures. The free-standing system has been adapted to allow for the Q212 element to sit on top of the QSB118 sub-bass, and be at a perfect height for most mixing consoles, with the acoustic centre at approximately 1.4m. The Q212 element is a three-way monitor utilising dual twelve-inch radial chassis drivers, a custom soft-dome 3” mid driver, coupling with a soft-dome HF. “Because the monitor system is four-way, rather than a three-way, you can hear the different elements of sub bass, you don't just get the kick and bass lines blending into each other,” explains Beer.
Quested APD2000-4 and APS1000-4 remote DSP amplification provide power, with the rig being set-up in situ for Marshall by Quested technical wizard Ollie Shortland. “The customer service element from Quested has been stunning,” confirms Beer, “Ollie set the monitors up exactly as we wanted.”
Rock duo Nova Twins tracked their Mercury-nominated album Supernova on the Quested monitors, and British Blues Award-winner Laurence Jones has recently been in the studio mixing his new album for Marshall Records. Indie-rock four-piece King Nun have just recorded a new album on the Questeds with Adam Beer engineering, and producer Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Garbage, Feeder) says: “I love the new Marshall studio – it’s a fantastic room.”

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