Studio Brussel is one of Belgium's most vibrant radio stations catering for the dance-orientated youth market. For their annual party this year they decided to go for a full-on festival held in Kuipke, the old velodrome in Ghent. A total of seven different venues were used to showcase the best of both Belgian and international talent. The main stage was in Kuipke and featured acts such as the Postmen, 28 days, Starflam, the Guano Apes and many more. Acoustic sessions took place in the Casino with the likes of Novastar, Monza and Luc de Vos, while other attractions included a drive-in movie theatre, cabaret, and DJ sets from Cut la Roc and Luke Slater. The welcome area included a live broadcast studio and a display of artwork from famous Belgian artist Panamarenko.

Dee Sound of Belgium was responsible for supplying the audio requirements for this high profile event. Both the main stage and the casino were equipped with the Synco Touring loudspeaker system. After the gig the Guano Apes engineer commented: "It's a great system ­ it gives you lots of headroom at high SPLs without loss of clarity." It was also the ideal opportunity to put the two newly-purchased Midas Heritage 3000s through their paces, particularly as the consoles were used for both FOH and monitoring purposes. According to Andre Schneider (owner of Dee Sound): "The desks are so clearly mapped out I have no worries letting visitors work on them. "

The event was attended by 10,000 people who partied until dawn. The Studio Brussel team, who confessed to a slight case of butterflies before the event, was delighted that the whole thing ran so smoothly and was so well attended. Indeed, the next event is already being planned, using the same suppliers and equipment.

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