Three New Mixer Products from Citronic
Wednesday, 12 April 2000
Citronic has introduced three new mixer products. The entry-level CS-3 uses VCA Pro-Crossfade and industrial grade 'long life' Alps input faders for durability and smooth action; the VCA crossfader characteristics are also variable from Crab-Mix to Cross-Mix for maximum performance customisation. The CDM5:2k is an enhanced version of the successful CDM5:2, with the addition of three-band switched kills, while the high-end Station 9 has been designed to allow DJs increased use of outboard processing. Its PA mixer-style layout has a variable effect send that can be used pre- or post-fade on both microphone and music signal input channels. Unusually, it has five music-input channels as well as dedicated microphone that can be configured to provide up to three mics, nine CD/Line and two phono inputs.

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