AVIXA talks AV at OEB Global 2017 Berlin
Tuesday, 2 January 2018
av-supportThe cross-sector conference focuses on the latest developments in learning
Germany - The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) presented a session on the role of AV technology in higher education at OEB Global 2017 in Berlin.
The cross-sector conference focused on the latest developments in learning, with insights and best practices from leading organisations in the field. AVIXA took part in OEB Global for the first time and was a gold sponsor of the event.
Moderated by AVIXA CEO David Labuskes, the session The Power of Integrated Audiovisual Experiences in Higher Education demonstrated that AV experiences were important not only as a way of drawing the best students to their institutions, but also for improving their learning outcomes.
“Your next new class of students has grown up in a world that’s totally connected,” Labuskes said. “They live their social lives in the palm of their hands. They speak in images rather than words. They access content when and where they can. How will you convince them that you offer a unique environment to best realize their learning potential? Don’t simply answer ‘technology,’ because that’s already the old answer. Today’s connected students are looking for meaningful, impactful, integrated experiences. Audiovisual solutions enable that.”
Labuskes was followed by Dr Piet van der Zanden, education expert AV-IT in learning spaces at Delft University of Technology, who explained how the right combination of pedagogy, space and technology create exceptional AV experiences for students and staff. He encouraged the audience to foster interdepartmental collaboration when designing education spaces to maximize the impact of those AV experiences.
Just prior to an engaging question-and-answer session, Jan Zwanenberg, digital architect at AV integrator JNV, and Peter Janssen, AV domain specialist at Utrecht University, shared with delegates the recent AV systems renovation at Utrecht University, where 290 lecture rooms are being fitted out with a new AV configuration based on the latest 4K resolution technology and built to be managed centrally by Utrecht University’s 12-person AV support staff.
Zwanenberg and Janssen described some of the driving factors behind the renovation: ensuring lecture halls offer a uniform AV experience, meeting the same technical requirements throughout the university, and making efficient use of the existing space while still creating a modern, engaging learning environment.
“Our conference debut at OEB Global was a great success,” said Labuskes. “We appreciate the participation of all our insightful panellists and everyone who joined us in Berlin. The conversations were excellent, and I look forward to future events in Europe where we can further demonstrate the power and benefit of AV experiences in achieving positive outcomes.”
(Jim Evans)

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