FILO (First In Last Out) was created for technical artists who serve the local church
USA - Meyer Sound will be offering hands-on, interactive demos of its Spacemap Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool at FILO Chicago, a hybrid in-person and live-streamed event for technical artists serving local churches on 11-12 May. The demo sessions will take place between breakout sessions in the spacious lobby area at the host venue, Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago suburb of South Barrington, Illinois.
“Spacemap Go is the perfect spatial and immersive sound solution for churches,” says Meyer Sound sales manager, west Daniel Rivera. “It is adaptable and flexible and it’s highly intuitive with a short learning curve. It’s also extremely cost-effective, particularly for churches with newer Meyer Sound systems as it leverages the power of their existing Galaxy processors. All they need is an iPad loaded with the Spacemap Go app.”
FILO Chicago 2021 will be primarily a live-streamed event, but a limited number of attendees will be able to view the presentations in person and also circulate among the exhibit booths. Meyer Sound is participating as a breakout and premier sponsor.
“We will have two separated booth spaces on opposite sides of the lobby, with small systems in each,” explains Rivera. “They will be networked together into one system, so you can use Spacemap Go to ping-pong back and forth or map trajectories in between. We will have a variety of worship-oriented content available, and attendees will be able to apply the power of Spacemap Go with only a minute or two of coaching.”
Multiple iPads will be available to enable simultaneous use by two operators, as well as to allow disinfection between demos.
“We’re taking all necessary precautions, but we know it’s critical to get this new tool into the hands of users,” says Rivera. “You can’t really understand the power of Spacemap Go until you’ve experienced it.”

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