‘The beauty of the ceiling could shine more brightly’
The Netherlands - Visitors cannot help but feel the freedom of the sea when they encounter Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam, the National Maritime Museum of the Netherlands. The attraction sits on an artificial island built in 1656 as a naval base near Amsterdam’s city old harbour.
Designed by Belgian architect Laurent Ney, the symmetrical roof, engenders an air of openness and discovery in the courtyard below, while projecting a nautical image. Accentuating this effect and enhancing the aesthetics of the courtyard is a new LED lighting system by Leon van Warmerdam and the team at Lichtpunt that features 32 Ovation CYC 1 FC LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
“In this historical monument there are many restrictions. We did search for the most low-profile solution with maximum performance. By wrapping the luminaires, they got the same colour as the background,” said van Warmerdam, who noted that the Ovation units were selected “because of the small measures of the fixture, the enormous light output, the asymmetric light distribution, the rich colour palette, and the noiseless operation”.
According to van Warmerdam, glare on the roof of courtyard was an issue with the old graze lighting fixtures that had been used in the space. This concern was eliminated with the addition of the Ovation CYC fixtures. “By choosing another angle than the former graze light fixtures, and by using the integrated glare shield on the Ovation products, we addressed the issue with glare,” he explained.
Another big difference between using graze lighting and lighting the interior wall with the Ovation CYC 1 FC was that with the latter, the “spooky effect on the walls disappeared”. With that distractive effect gone, the beauty of the ceiling could shine more brightly, enhancing the liberating feeling of the sea.

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